What are the different MAC OS Internet Browsers available for free download?

You can download these free Internet Browsers for MAC OS as an alternative to the default Safari browser.

Some of the options are Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, etc.

Of course, Safari is said to be the best browser on the OS X platform but you can always give these a try.

MAC OS Internet Browsers

Anyways, here is what you can choose to download and try. Let us know your experience with these alternatives.

1) Google Chrome for MAC

If you want to use Google Chrome then you need to have Intel processor and Mac OS X.

You can download Google Chrome for MAC by clicking this link:

2) Mozilla Firefox for MAC

You can download Firefox for MAC by clicking this link:

3) Microsoft Edge for MAC

Download Edge for MAC, it still in beta (preview). They promise a major update every 6 weeks, give it a try if you are willing.

4) Opera for MAC

You can download Opera for MAC. Give it a try and see if it suits your requirements.

5) Brave for MAC

Download Brave for MAC, it is a relatively new browser which is said to block ads and trackers.

6) Maxthon for MAC

7) Vivaldi for MAC

I hope you liked this post. It would definitely be great to see your comments on what worked for you among these browsers.

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