StarByFace – Find Celebrities That Look Like You

StarByFace can tell you which Hollywood celebrity you look like. It is a free celebrity generator look alike online app, that works really well!

You need to take some photos of you facing the camera. Take some cool selfies and discover your celebrity doppelganger now.

Try multiple photos because you will find newer & better results!

Here are the quick links:

1) StarByFace

2) StarByFace Android

3) StarByFace iOS


This is how you can find your look-alike using StarByFace:

  • Go to StarByFace
  • Click on “Upload a Pic” (best option) or paste the URL of your image (from online where it exists)
  • That’s it. You’ll be able to see all your celebrity look-alikes.
StarByFace Find Celebrity Look Alike

Update: There is also mobile apps for you to download and install. You can find it over here:

If you’d like to try other websites like this then you can try many different Celebrity look-alike generators for free. They work really well!

The StarByFace online version is way better than the mobile apps, just saying!

There are 3 different results that you will get on StarByFace. One is the female celebrities that look like you and second is the male celebrity look-alikes. There is also the best pair of both male and female celebrities with your face matching them.

New feature: There is an awesome feature called Gradient by StarbyFace. If you look closely at the look-alike results you will notice something called “Gradient“. When you select it, you will be shown 3 options, “Line, Grid and GIF“.

There are 3 options available. The first 2 options will show you the transition with side by side pictures and the 3rd option will show you the animated gif version of your face morphing into that of the celebrity.

You can also check the celebrity face match percentage at the top of the picture. There is a wiki page of that famous person for you to know more about them.

StarByFace does a very good job of finding your celeb look-alike. So give it a try and tell us who your famous celeb twin is!

I hope you enjoy this post and please do share it with others to help them find their look-alike celebrity also!

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