7 Similar apps like Truecaller – Block Unwanted Callers

These are some of the best similar apps like Truecaller. It can display who’s calling before you pick the call, so you know who it is.

This way you can know for sure who’s calling and then decide to pick the call or not.

Truecaller like apps

You can also block the calls that you don’t want to receive.

So here it is:

1) Caller ID – Phone Dialer, Call Blocker

Caller ID is one of the best caller ID app, you can see who is calling. You can also block spam calls and avoid annoying calls and fraud.

It also has a powerful dialer with smart contacts. It has simple SMS and MMS, you can easily check and identify text messages from others.

There is a call blacklist with intelligent call blocking options. There is a phone number lookup where you can see names and photos of unknown numbers.

2) True ID Caller Name: Caller ID, Call Block, SMS

True ID caller name is one of the best caller ID and spam blockers. It has an all-in-one messenger and calls feature.

You can personalize by setting your call screen. You can also record your calls. There is a chat that you can use anytime, it is quick and simple.

You can block unwanted callers so you’re not bothered again. You can also get spam warnings to avoid unwanted calls.

It can automatically block spam and telemarketing SMS messages and identify every unknown message.

3) Showcaller: Caller ID, Call Recorder & Blocker

With Showcaller, you can know who’s calling and block spam calls. It has a smartphone dialer with a call recorder.

It has a phone number search with an offline database. There is a dark theme for you to choose from.

4) Caller ID – Phone Number Lookup, Call Blocker

Caller ID app has an intelligent dialer with phone number search.

You can backup your contacts with this app. The instant caller ID helps identify unknown and private callers.

You can block calls from telemarketing, spam callers, robocalls, fraud calls, and more. It also has a call log scan to see who called you.

5) True ID Caller Name Search App: Caller and Dialer

True ID caller name search app has over 200 million numbers database from the global community.

You can also set the caller ID app as your default dialer app. You can use the call blocker to blacklist numbers.

With an offline database, you can identify numbers without an internet connection.

6) True ID Caller Name: Call Blocker, Blacklist

With a free caller ID, you can identify who’s calling, and with a call blocker block any unwanted calls.

It has a powerful and smart dialer with blacklist.

7) True ID Caller Name Address Location Tracker

True ID Caller app has a free caller ID feature. You can search mobile number location by IMEI number.

You can also get to know the phone callers’ location. It has a mobile number live location tracker.

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