6 Remove background from pictures – editor apps for Android

Here are some of the best background editor that you can install on Android to erase background from a picture.

It’s not that difficult to edit and erase background from your photo.

These apps I have mentioned easily erases and edits background.

remove background

So here it is:

1) Photo Background Editor

Download the photo background editor to remove the background with just a single click. You can also add a 3D background with this app.

2) Background Eraser

With auto mode you can easily erase similar pixels automatically. There is also an extract mode to select and erase objects from your picture.

3) Automatic Background Changer

This app has Automatic background eraser and remover that can erase the background from your picture. You can save and share without the background.You can replace it with a predefined background or anything of your choice from a photo.

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4) PicShot Photo Editor – Blur photo background

If you are looking to blur the background from your image you can use this Android app. You can also create bokeh effect, snow effect, and much more.

5) Background Changer – Nature

You can add nature background instead of the background in your picture. There is a magic auto erase feature, manual erase, repair, and much more.

6) Auto background changer and eraser

This also has automatic and manual background remover feature. It has a lasso effect to cut picture in and out. You can also restore in case you go wrong with the editing part.

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