Pronunciation of Popular Names & Brands

Here is a list of names/brands searched online for the correct pronunciation.

These are some names people have searched online to find out the correct pronunciation.

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Pronunciation of names and brands

So here are the correct pronunciation of:

  1. Saoirse
  2. Nguyen
  3. Louis Vuitton
  4. Siobhan
  5. Gucci 
  6. Bvlgari
  7. Niamh
  8. Joaquin Phoenix
  9. Lacoste
  10. Calvin Klein
  11. Dior
  12. Hermione
  13. Swarovski 
  14. Fjallraven Kanken
  15. Jacques
  16. Versace
  17. Isla
  18. Cartier 
  19. Caoimhe
  20. Aisling
  21. Eoin
  22. Sinead
  23. Maeve
  24. Zara
  25. Yggdrasil
  26. Anais
  27. Halsey
  28. Gal Gadot
  29. Gaia
  30. Xochitl

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