Popsugar Celebrity Look-Alike – Twinning Online App

How do you find your celebrity look-alike online? Popsugar has a celebrity look-alike app and it is called Twinning and it is free.

You can use your mobile phone or computer to access the twinning app by Popsugar. It is a free celebrity look-alike app for you to find your famous look-alike.

You need to make sure that your selfies are from the shoulders up. Look at the camera and smile. You can try multiple selfies and get unique results based on the appearance.

Visit: Popsugar Twinning

Popsugar Celebrity Look Alike App

Once you upload your image on Popsugar Twinning it only takes a couple of seconds to show your celebrity face match.

You will get 5 results of different celebrities and the match percentage.

Popsugar Twinning look alike

There is an option to save the image and share it with your friends and family. There is an option to share it directly with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

You can also search for the celebrity if you are not aware of them, using the Google it button on the results page.

Try multiple selfies with different expressions and you will find various celebrities who look like you.

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