11 Free Online To-Do List for you

It’s always good to have an online to-do list to keep track of your time and also to be productive.

If you are a person with a lot of chores, tasks, or office work, then it is best to maintain an online to-do list. So that you don’t forget and finish all your tasks.

Every online to-do list is almost similar to one another and some might have exclusive features added.

Online to do list

I would suggest you try any of these online to-do list for a few days. And then decide which one you’d like to go ahead with.

If it works for you then go ahead and use it as your regular to-do list online tool. You can make a checklist and then try to follow it according to your requirement.

  1. ToDoist.com
  2. Click Up
  3. ToDo Microsoft
  4. Any.do
  5. Wunderlist
  6. Remember the milk
  7. Toodle Do
  8. Flask.io
  9. Microsoft To-Do (Android App)
  10. Google Tasks (Android App)
  11. Google Keep (Android App)

The purpose of a to-do list is to keep track of all the things you want to accomplish. It could be the day to day things or it could be based on goals.

I hope you found your favorite to-do online app. I hope it helps you with your tasks and also free yourself from any clutter.

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