Official 50 Bollywood Celebrities Verified Facebook Pages

If you’d like to find out 50 Official Verified Facebook Pages of your favorite Bollywood Celebrity you will like this post.

I have compiled some of the best Celebrity Facebook Pages for you to follow.

It’s not in any order like popularity, current, newcomers, it is just a post with 50 Bollywood Celebrities with an Official Verified Facebook Page!

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Bollywood Facebook Pages Verified

So here we go:

1) Shahrukh Khan

VisitShahrukh Khan Facebook Page

2) Salman Khan

VisitSalman Khan Facebook Page

3) Aamir Khan

VisitAamir Khan Facebook Page

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4) Hrithik Roshan

VisitHrithik Roshan Facebook Page

5) Akshay Kumar

VisitAkshay Kumar Facebook Page

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6) Amitabh Bachchan

VisitAmitabh Bachchan Facebook Page

7) Kajol

VisitKajol Facebook Page

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8) Deepika Padukone

VisitDeepika Padukone Facebook Page

9) Ajay Devgan

VisitAjay Devgan Facebook Page

10) Katrina Kaif

VisitKatrina Kaif Facebook Page

11) Saif Ali Khan

VisitSaif Ali Khan Facebook Page

12) Priyanka Chopra

VisitPriyanka Chopra Facebook Page

13) Anushka Sharma

VisitAnushka Sharma Facebook Page

13) Karan Johar

VisitKaran Johar Facebook Page

14) Shahid Kapoor

VisitShahid Kapoor Facebook Page

15) Ranveer Singh

VisitRanveer Singh Facebook Official

16) Shilpa Shetty

VisitShilpa Shetty Facebook Page

17) Sanjay Dutt

VisitSanjay Dutt Facebook Page

18) Anil Kapoor

VisitAnil Kapoor Facebook Page

19) Jackie Shroff

VisitJackie Shroff Facebook Page

20) Rajkumar Irani

VisitRajkumar Irani Facebook Page

21) Shraddha Kapoor

VisitShraddha Kapoor Facebook Page

22) Sonam Kapoor

VisitSonam Kapoor Facebook Page

23) Sonakshi Sinha

VisitSonakshi Sinha Facebook Page

24) Varun Dhawan

VisitVarun Dhawan Facebook Page

25) Sidharth Malhotra

VisitSidharth Malhotra Facebook Page

26) Ritesh Deshmukh

VisitRitesh Deshmukh Facebook Page

27) Parineeti Chopra

VisitParineeti Chopra Facebook Page

28) Aditya Roy Kapoor

VisitAditya Roy Kapoor Facebook Page

29) Kiara Advani

VisitKiara Advani Facebook Page

30) Tiger Shroff

VisitTiger Shroff Facebook Page

31) Ananya Pandey

VisitAnanya Pandey Facebook Page

32) Kriti Sanon

VisitKriti Sanon Facebook Page

33) Rakul Preet

VisitRakul Preet Facebook Page

34) Kajal Agarwal

VisitKajal Agarwal Facebook Page

35) Tamannaah

VisitTamannaah Facebook Page

36) Vidya Balan

VisitVidya Balan Facebook Page

37) Ayushmann Khurrana

VisitAyushmann Khurrana Facebook Page

38) Anupam Kher

VisitAnupam Kher Facebook Page

39) Naseeruddin Shah

VisitNaseeruddin Shah Facebook Page

40) Farhan Akhtar

VisitFarhan Akhtar Facebook Page

41) Arjun Kapoor

VisitArjun Kapoor Facebook Page

42) Emraan Hashmi

VisitEmraan Hashmi Facebook Page

43) Esha Gupta

VisitEsha Gupta Facebook Page

44) Mallika Sherawat

VisitMallika Sherawat Facebook Page

45) Sushant Singh Rajput

VisitSushant Singh Rajput Facebook Page

46) Bhumi Pednekar

VisitBhumi Padnekar Facebook Page

47) Madhuri Dixit

VisitMadhuri Dixit Facebook Page

48) Juhi Chawla

VisitJuhi Chawla Facebook Page

49) Govinda

VisitGovinda Facebook Page

50) Kamal Haasan

VisitKamal Haasan Facebook Page

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