44 Cool Google Tricks You Should Try Right Now

Here is a list of 44 Cool Google tricks available for you to try right now to try.

Some of these are:

Easter eggs, Games, Tools, Utilities, and Features from Google to help us in various situations.

The Google search engine is a gift to all of us. We can all get any information anywhere in a matter of seconds, with a connection to the Internet.

Google Search Tricks

This post is mainly aimed at improving your efficiency while using Google. And discover how awesome Google is.

1) Google Games and Toys

Here is a list of games and fun stuff you can play directly on Google.

a) Play Pacman on Google

Good old classic game from the 1980s.

b) Play Solitaire on Google

Did you know that this popular card game is also known as Patience in Europe!

c) Play Earth Day quiz on Google

Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd of April every year, where over 193 countries participate in showing support for environmental protection.

d) Play Tic Tac Toe on Google

Tic-tac-toe is also known as noughts and crosses or Xs and Os. It is a popular paper and pencil game across the world. Now you can play against Google!

e) Listen to Animal Sounds on Google

This wonderful feature by Google lets you hear the sounds of various Animals. Right from Tiger, Pig, Leopard to Dinosaur, Duck, and Scorpion.

Useful tip: You can bookmark this page for future use and also share it with your friends and family. If you want to directly access any of the pages below, just type in the relevant keywords related to the feature.

f) Play Snake Game on Google

The snake game was all the rage when Nokia ruled the mobile phone market. Now you can play it directly on Google.

g) Play Minesweeper game on Google

This popular computer puzzle game has its origin in the 1960s!

h) Spin a dreidel on Google

A dreidel or dreidel is a four-sided spinning top played with during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. Now you can play it on Google!

i) Try the Fun Facts (I’m feeling curious) feature on Google

When you click on this link you will see a curious question and an answer to it by Google through various sources. To see the more interesting questions and answers click on ‘Ask another question‘. Very interesting to say the least!

j) Play Atari breakout game on Google images

To play this wonderful game, you need to go to google image search and type in Atari breakout. Or click the above link and visit the page directly.

k) Google Flip a Coin

When you got to decide something and you are confused, flip a coin using Google!

l) Google Random Number Generator

You can enter the values of your choice and let google pick you a random number through the generator.

2) Google tools on Search

a) Google Calculator

simple scientific Calculator by Google when you need it for your calculative tasks.

b) Play Metronome beats on Google

Metronome is a device used by musicians to play rhythms accurately. This Google metronome feature has an option to choose from 40 to 218 beats per minute (BPM).

c) Try Spinner or Fidget on Google

You can choose the wheel size for your Spinner from 2 numbers to 20 numbers. Also if you toggle the option at the top you can choose a fidget spinner.

Click on Spin or your mouse to spin the wheel or the fidget.

d) Roll a die on Google

You can choose up to 6 dice to roll of various shapes. And also automatically add numbers to your roll total.

e) Meditate using Google

A classic breathing exercise tool that helps you concentrate on your breath for a minute. It is one of the many meditation techniques that exist and a very effective one at that.

f) Use Color picker on Google

The color picker feature has HEX, RGB, CMYK, HSV and HSL values displayed. A wonderful and easy tool to pick the color of your choice.

3) Google Time and Time Zone features

a) Find the time of a place using Google

You can use Google to know the time of any city or country in the world. All you have to do is search for the keyword time followed by the city/country name.
For Example Time New York or Time New Zealand

Google also displays the day, date of the week along with the year. It also shows the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) reference for that place.

b) Find Time zone of a place using Google

There are more than 24 time zones in the world. Google can help you find out which city or country belongs to which time zone.

For Example Time Zone Russia or Time Zone Paris

When you type in a country’s name Google will display all the time zones for that country and when you type only a city’s name then only the time zone which it belongs to.

c) Time difference between 2 places

So knowing that there are more than 24 time zones, Google comes to our rescue in knowing the time difference between 2 places in the world.

For Example Time difference between USA and India

d) Google Stopwatch

No need to buy a stopwatch when you gave Google!

e) Google Timer

Set the timer according to your needs. And Google will alert you at the end with an alert tone.

Tip: Both the Google stopwatch and Google Timer can be used in the full-screen mode.

f) Know the date of an event

If you need to know when a particular event is, just ask Google.

For Example: When is Superbowl or When is Easter or When is Olympics

g) Count Days (Days until something)

If you would like to know how many days are left until a particular day or an event, then you can try asking Google:

For Example Days until December 31st or Days until Christmas

4) Google money

a) Google currency converter

You can also type in for example 100 USD in Euro or any other currency value you want to convert directly.

Fact: Did you know that there are 180 currencies used by 195 countries in the world, which are recognized by the United Nations!

b) Tip Calculator

This useful tool by Google can help you calculate the tip amount when you are out in a restaurant or someplace where you need to tip. You need to enter the amount, percentage of the tip and also the number of people for your calculation.

c) Find Stock Price on Google

For Example Stock Price of Apple can be seen directly on Google. There is a lot of information displayed about the stock you are searching for including the current and the historical price.

5) Google Unit Converter

You can use the Unit converter by Google for the following applications:

Area, Data Transfer Rate, Digital Storage, Energy, Frequency, Fuel Economy, Length, Mass, Plane Angle, Pressure, Speed, Temperature, Time and Volume currently.

And you can convert between 2 units of any of the above options to choose from.

6) Google BMI Calculator

You need to enter your height and weight and Google will show you your Body Mass Index. It is one of the ways to measure body fat in adults.

7) Google Geometry Calculator

You can use Google to find out geometry formulas and solutions to complex geometrical problems as well.

For Example Area of a Circle or Area of a Triangle or try the following examples listed by Google:

  • what is the volume of a cylinder with radius 4cm and height 8cm
  • the formula for a triangle perimeter
  • find the diameter of a sphere whose volume is 524 gallons
  • a^2+b^2=c^2 calc a=4 b=7 c=?

8) Google Fun Tricks

a) Google Askew – It’s exactly what it means, askew!

b) Google Barrell roll – Watch how Google does a barrel roll in style!

c) Google zerg rush – See Google getting eaten away!

d) Google Blink, It does blink!

e) Google in 1998! This takes us back for real!

f) Google Thanos – Click the gauntlet on the right!

g) Google Wizard of Oz – Click on the ruby slippers!

h) Google’s logo history!

i) Google birthday surprise spinner! Takes you to various playable doodles.

j) Google Friends Easter Egg – Type in any of the famous characters from the series and click on the special item displayed on their profile.

And here is a huge list of all Google Easter eggs in one place!

9) Google Weather

To know the weather on Google search, you have to type in the keyword ‘weather’. And you can type ‘weather city name‘ to find the weather of any place you wish to know.

For Example Weather New York

10) Google Distance

Google also helps you to know the distance between two places.

For example Distance between the USA and India and Distance between Sun and Earth!

This list of Google search tricks will be updated frequently. Please do comment if you know any other useful tricks.

11) Google Population

So what do you do when you need to know the population of a country or a city? Google it!

For example Washington Population or Canada Population

12) Google zip code

You can also find out the zip code of a place by searching for the place’s name along with the keyword zip code or pin code.

For example NY zip code or Bangalore pin code.

Tip: You might also want to check out the Google Public Data Explorer, it has got huge data you might need for various projects. I will make a new post about this feature very soon because it is huge and very important in my opinion.

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