Learn the Pronunciation of English Words with Audio – 7 Free Tools

If you would like to learn the Pronunciation of English Words online then I have the 7 best online resources for you.

With these websites, you can easily learn the pronunciation of many difficult English words that you might have a problem with.

Here are the quick links for you:

  1. Google.com ExamplePronounce Caramel
  2. Cambridge US or Cambridge UK 
  3. Macmillan Dictionary
  4. Dictionary.com
  5. Howjsay
  6. Merriam-Webster
  7. Your Dictionary
Learn the Pronunciation of English Words with Audio

Remember that there is more than one way to pronounce many words in English (like any other language). Do not worry because you will not face any more difficulties with these helpful websites.

By using these online resources, you can correct your pronunciation and speak better English. And also stay confident while pronouncing challenging words.

So here we go:

1) Learn Pronunciation on Google


Yes, that’s right. Google can teach you how to pronounce words easily. In order to find the pronunciation of a certain word you need to search for:

ExamplePronounce Caramel

Replace “Caramel” with any word that you want to learn the pronunciation of. So each time type in “Pronounce any word” and you will get the correct pronunciation in American and British English (pronunciation) versions.

Click on the speaker icon to listen to the pronunciation with the movement of the mouth. The word is also split into sounds that you need to make to get the proper pronunciation. You can also select the option to “slow” down the audio speed.

It is perfect for anyone who is trying to learn various English words.

InterestingLearn to Pronounce Names Correctly with the best resources online for free!

2) Cambridge Dictionary

VisitCambridge US or Cambridge UK versions of the site

Search for any word on the Cambridge dictionary and you will be able to find the pronunciation of the word. You can hear the audio and also learn it through phonetic letters.

3) Macmillan Dictionary

VisitMacmillan Dictionary

You can also find the pronunciation of the words in Audio. Search for any word you are looking for the pronunciation of.

4) Dictionary.com


For every word, you will find the meaning of it and also the audio pronunciation along with phonetic sound (IPA).

5) Howjsay


There are over 181916 entries in the dictionary of Howjsay.com. It is a good website to learn the pronunciation of basic words and improve your English.

6) Merriam-Webster


Merriam-Webster is another popular online dictionary with the correct pronunciation of words. You can find the alternate pronunciation of words also.

7) Your Dictionary

VisitYour Dictionary

This is one more useful website to brush up your pronunciation skills and impress with your words at work or elsewhere.

I hope you found this post useful and will help you improve your English skills. I will post more such useful resources very soon. Take care!

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