Learn Kannada Online

Beginning with this topic I will try to list apps and websites where you can learn different languages.

I would be focusing on Kannada with this topic, it is also my first language (mother tongue).

Like with any other language it is easier to learn it from someone who already knows it. But we live in the age of technology and there are quite a few websites and apps that you can use to learn it online.

Learn Kannada Online

So here are the direct/quick links for you to learn Kannada online via mobile phone (Android) or a computer.

1) Learn Kannada in 10 Days (Kannada Kali)

2) iLanguages – Kannada

3) Bhasha.io

4) Learn Kannada Quickly

5) Learn Kannada through English

6) Goethe Verlag – Kannada

Of course, there are many other websites & apps to learn Kannada. To learn a new language like Kannada it is helpful to watch TV programs, news, movies, and songs.

I am happy that you are interested in learning Kannada online. Thanks for visiting NPXP and take care.

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