Learn English Online for Free – 10 Best Resources

If you want to learn English online for free this post has the best resources for you.

This is very helpful if you are new to English or if you would like to improve your English.

As you might know, English is the language of the world in this age that we live in. Your professional and personal life will be advantageous if you know English fluently.

Learn English Online for Free

Remember that English is just another language in the world. Do not feel conscious, nervous, or anxious while you are still learning English.

So feel confident and concentrate till you get the language right. Good Luck!

So here are the best resources to learn English online for free:

1) Learn English Online

VisitLearn English Online

This website has plenty of resources for you to improve your English skills.

There are 12 Units with 57 Lessons plan. It is a very useful learning portal for Beginners and Intermediate learners. There are lessons even for the most absolute beginners with English, intro, sessions and more.

You can also improve your Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing (Spelling, punctuation, and capitalization), Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Grammer Skills with this site.

There are various Learning skills that you can access including style, strategy, networking, and immersive.

2) USA Learns

VisitUSA Learns

USALearns.org is a free site to learn English online. There are 3 English courses: Beginning English, Intermediate English, and Practice English & Reading.

You can watch hundreds of English video lessons and also do thousands of English learning activities.

You can learn new English vocabulary words, listen to spoken English, watch educational videos, and much more.

InterestingLearn to Pronounce Names and Pronounce Words with Audio correctly!

3) Perfectly Spoken

VisitPerfectly Spoken

With a free account, you can learn Elementary (A1) to Advanced (C1) courses on PerfectlySpoken.com. You can find over 60 video lessons per course on this site for free.

4) Learn American English Online

VisitLearn American English Online

You can improve your English grammar and vocabulary with over seven levels of instructions for free. You can also test your English skills with tests and quizzes. You can listen to listen and write with dictation exercises.

5) ESOL Courses

VisitESOL Courses

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) is a free website to learn the English language. It is very useful for independent learners and teachers looking for idea lessons.

There are sections dedicated to Beginners, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, and Advanced. You can improve your skills at Listening, English for Work, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Writing, and play games such as Word searches, memory games & Crosswords.

6) Talk English

VisitTalk English

With TalkEnglish.com you can learn English lessons in speaking, listening and, video lessons.

In Speaking English lessons, there are speaking basics, regular, business, interview, travel, idioms & phrases, and special topics.

In English video lessons, there are video lessons, conversation videos, business & English speaking videos.

In English Listening lessons, there are English listening, basic listening, intermediate, and advanced lessons. And much more.

7) Oxford Online English

VisitOxford Online English

With the free English Lessons that Oxford has to offer, you can significantly improve your English.

The free lesson archive includes English Vocabulary, Business English, Listening, Grammar, Spoken, Pronunciation, IELTS preparation, Study advice, Writing, and Cambridge Exam preparations.

8) Alison English Courses

VisitAlison English Courses

With a free Alison account, you can access thousands of courses including English courses.

There are over 80 free English courses on Alison for you. Some of the most popular courses are English for Tourism, STEM, Diploma in English language & literature, business & Entrepreneurship, Media literacy, Journalism, Career development, Conversational English, and many more!

9) Cambridge English

VisitCambridge English

CambrideEnglish.org has over 85 free activities to improve and practice your English skills.

10) English Link

VisitEnglish Link

On EnglishLink.com you can access over 240 hours of English Lessons video for free. It has lessons for Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, and Business English.

You can even take the 45-minute Placement test, English tests in Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, and Listening.

I really hope that you make good use of these resources. I wish you all the best in learning English fluently, improve your listening skills, and write well. Good Luck!

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