How To Search For People, Photos, Pages, and Groups On Facebook

Facebook Search is very useful to search for people, photos, videos, pages, places, groups, events, and much more.

There used to be many tools to search on Facebook without logging into your account but not anymore.

On every page of Facebook, you will find the search bar.

Facebook Search

It is useful to discover new people and posts, and also to find the recent searches you’ve made.

So let us look into some more details about the Facebook Search option.

1) Facebook Search for People

  • Enter a name and search for it
  • Click on “People
  • You can now narrow down (left side options) the person based on City (location), Education (School, College), Work (Company name), and also by Friends of Friends (Mutual).
  • Scroll through the names and find the person you’re looking for.

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2) Facebook Photo Search

  • When you do an image search on Facebook you will be presented with a lot of pictures from friends and groups. And also the public photos.
  • You can filter results by various options such as Posted By (Anyone, You, Your Friends, Groups), Photo Type (All Photos or Photos you’ve seen), Tagged Location (Anywhere, particular location), and Date Posted (Any Date or a particular Month & Date).
  • Select “See All” to find all the results of the image.

3) Facebook Posts Search

  • You can find posts from anyone, you, your friends, your groups & pages, public, or choose any source.
  • You can also filter by posts type, posts in groups, tagged location, and date posted.

4) Facebook Video Search

  • You can also find a lot of videos on Facebook by searching for it.
  • You can filter the videos by date, source (ALl, Live or From Groups), and by Location.

5) Facebook Search Pages

  • It’s a nice idea to stay in touch with famous people and brands on Facebook by liking their Official Page.
  • You can filter results for page by location, verified (or not), and by Category (Any Category, Local Business, Company, Organization, Institution, Brand, Product. Artists, Public Figure, Band, Entertainment, or Cause & Community)

6) Facebook Search Places

  • You can also find places visited by Friends, Hours (Open Now), and by Price ($, $$, $$$, $$$$).

7) Facebook Search Groups

  • If you’re interested in joining groups on Facebook there are plenty of groups for everything.
  • You can choose to show groups by Any Group, Public Groups or Private Groups. And also by the membership (Any Group or My Groups).

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8) Facebook Search Events

  • Facebook is great way to find out events happening near you or events that would interest you.
  • You can filter Events by Show Only (Popular with Friends), Location or by Date (Any Date, Today, Tomorrow, This Week, This Weekend, or Next Week).

Yes, nothing beats Google but the Facebook search is also pretty useful.

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