Free Online Typing Speed Test – English

Do you want to try various words per minute typing test? What is a good average wpm (30, 40, or 50 words per minute) speed?

Try taking these words per minute (wpm) typing test free and check out your actual typing speed.

These online tools can help you increase typing speed for sure. For that, you need to start using an online typing speed test website on a regular basis.

This post has various words per minute typing tests that you can choose from. You can also get a free online typing certificate with some of these websites.

Online Typing Tests

1) Free Typing Speed Test 1 Minute

These are some of the best 1-minute typing speed that you can try online for free.

2) Free Typing Speed Test 3 Minutes

If you would like to try a 3-minute typing speed test try any of the below websites. To improve your typing skills you can try free speed typing practice with any of these sites.

3) Free Typing Test 5 Minutes

5- minute typing test can help you increase your typing skills with longer text.

4) Free Typing Speed Test 10 Minute

A 10-minute typing speed test is for anyone who is willing to test their typing skills for a greater length of time.

Depending on your typing requirement you can choose different lengths of time and formats with these tests. It is a good option to choose a 1-minute test if you are new to online typing tests.

5) Free Online Typing Certificate

You can try any of these websites to get a free online typing certificate:

This post will be updated with newer links to various typing skill tests. I really hope that you make use of these online typing tests to improve your typing skills (words per minute).

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