14 Best Free Online Resume Maker for You

I have compiled the Best Free Online Resume Maker to help you build your resume with it.

You can get a free resume without paying any money with these free online tools.

Résumé or Resume (also known as a CV, Biodata) is a document that has all the details of a job seeker. It includes the person’s background details, skills, experience (if any), education, interests, and much more. It gives a better idea to the employer about the prospective employee.

Online Resume Maker

Here are the quick links if you are in a hurry to create your Online Resume:

  1. Canva
  2. Resume.com
  3. Adobe Spark Resume
  4. Cultivated Culture
  5. Indeed.com
  6. Got Resume Builder
  7. Kick Resume
  8. Resumonk
  9. CVMKR
  10. Cool Free CV
  11. CV-Template
  12. NovoResume
  13. Resume-now
  14. Resume Genius

You would be one step closer to the job you are looking for with a good resume.

So here is a big list of the Best Online Resume Maker for you!

1) Canva.com Resume Builder

VisitCanva.com resume builder

Canva.com has a wonderful free resume builder for you. There are many categories such as Professional resume, Modern resume, Simple resume, Infographic resume, Minimalist resume, Corporate resume, Creative resume, Photo resume, Colorful resume, Acting resume, Academic resume, Graphic Design resume, College resume, High School resume, Scholarship resume, and many more.

You can even start from scratch with an A4 sized layout and be completely creative or use any of the templates. Canva is a Must try!

2) Resume.com


Resume.com offers a free resume maker for you.

It is very easy to use, first, you have to enter your name on the main screen, enter the job title you are looking for (for resume template suggestion), Select resume template, and start editing the details about you.

Note: A good resume will have the following details: Name, Email id, Phone number, Address, Education details, Skills, Certifications (if any), Career objective, Prior experience (if any), and any other info that you think will increase the chances of getting hired by the employer. And never hesitate to build a new resume for each job that you are going to apply. Because no two jobs are the same.

3) Adobe Spark Resume

VisitAdobe Spark Resume

With Adobe Spark’s free online resume maker, you can choose over 15 resume templates. They all look professional and attractive.

They even have the Adobe Spark Resume for Freshers and High School Resume for College for you to get started in the job market.

You just need to create a free account and there is no need to pay for anything or enter credit card details!

4) Cultivated Culture

VisitCultivated Culture Resume

CultivateCulture.com free online resume maker offers you with awesome free resume templates.

You can choose colors, fonts, sections, spacing, margins, formatting, and much more. You can download resume n PDF, Word (doc), or to your Google Docs.

5) Indeed.com Resume

VisitIndeed.com resume

You need to click on “Build your free resume” on indeed.com. You will be taken to the resume builder.

There are several templates that you can choose, such as, Clean, Minimalist, Simple, Creative, Executive, Modern, Overline, and Boxed.

You can style your resume by choosing different accent colors and also different fonts such as Sans serif, Serif, Monospace, Karla, Arvo, and more.

Under the sections, you can choose to enable or disable various resume sections like Certifications, Awards, Patents, Publications, and more. You can also drag and drop to reorder the sections according to your needs. Once you are done click on “Download Resume” at the top of the screen.

6) Got Resume Builder

VisitGot Resume Builder

GotResumeBuilder.com helps you create a free resume in 3 steps. You need to enter details about you, pick a design template, and download the resume in multiple formats.

They have plenty of resume samples for you to reference when you are creating your own resume.

7) Kick Resume

VisitKick Resume

With KickResume.com free account you can get 4 basic resume templates, 2 basic cover letter templates, and you can download it once you are done building up your resume.

8) Resumonk


With a free plan on Resumonk.com, you can get a free resume in PDF with 5 templates and 1 photo CV template to choose from. They even offer to import data from your LinkedIn account.

9) CV Maker


With CVMKR.com free account you can access basic resume templates, add custom plain sections, and also use the basic rich text editor to create your resume.

10) Cool Free CV

VisitCool Free CV

There are 6 templates that you can choose from and they are Boston template, New York template, Chicago template, Washington template, Seattle template, and Dallas template.

Click any of the free CV templates and on the next screen, you’ll be asked to enter your contact details, photo, Professional Summary, Work experience, Education, Languages you know, Additional skills, references, and you are done. Now you can download your CV in the PDF format for free.

11) CV-Template


On CV-Template.com click on Choose CV Template. And in the next screen, you can choose any of the 11 free CV templates. Then you can select either Standard, Skill-based, Performance-based, or Personal-based according to your preference. You can start editing your details and once you are done you can download the resume in PDF or save a copy on the site.

12) NovoResume


With NovoResume.com you can get a free one-page resume with predefined layouts that you can download and use it for your professional use. If you are in need of a basic resume then it is completely free to use.

13) Resume-now – Text


If you are in need of free plain text resume then resume-now is your best option. Resume-now.com offers you a free .txt version resume or cover letter for download.

14) Resume Genius – Text

VisitResume Genius

ResumeGenius.com has a free resume builder that offers you a free text resume.

Don’t forget to check out their Free Resume Sample to get ideas to create your own resumes on Google Docs. It has samples for various industries and jobs. They cover various industries such as Accounting & Finance, Construction & Maintenance, Education & Human Services, Engineering, Food Service, Healthcare, Information Technology, Marketing & Sales, Transportation & Logistics and much more.

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