7 Free Life Expectancy Calculator – How Long Will I Live?

I have found 7 of the Best Life Expectancy Calculators which helps you determine your lifespan approximately.

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Note: These calculators are not be taken seriously and it is only listed for informational purposes. Consult a medical professional if you need help regarding your health.

Life Expectancy Calculator

These life expectancy calculators based on current age will help you get an idea of your lifespan.

Here is the direct links to life expectancy calculator:

  1. SSA Life Expectancy Calculator
  2. Bankrate Life Expectancy Calculator
  3. John Hancock Life Expectancy Calculator
  4. Project Big Life Expectancy Calculator
  5. BBC Life Expectancy Calculator
  6. My Good Health Life Expectancy Calculator
  7. LFG Life Expectancy Calculator

Because if you ask me, nobody can ever know how long someone will live. The world is a dynamic place and we are glad it is that way. We can choose to live a long and healthy life.

So here is a list of Best Life Expectancy Calculator for you:

1) Social Security Administration (SSA) Life Expectancy Calculator

VisitSSA Life Expectancy Calculator

The website clearly states that: This calculator will show you the average number of additional years a person can expect to live, based only on the gender and date of birth you enter.

You need to mention your gender and date of birth and you will able to know approximately how long you will able to live for.

I tried it and here’s what it shows:

2) Bankrate.com Life Expectancy Calculator

VisitBankrate Life Expectancy Calculator

This calculator needs information such as your current age, height in inches, weight in pounds, gender, smoking and drinking habits, and other info. Have a look and give it a try!

Tip: You can use the Google Unit Converter feature if you need help with converting the numbers.

3) John Hancock Life Expectancy Calculator

VisitJohn Hancock Life Expectancy Calculator

This calculator asks for your basic info such as gender, age, smoker or not, height in feet and inches, Weight in pounds.

And in the life choices, you need to mention about blood pressure, cholesterol/HDL, exercise habits, alcohol consumption, and any driving-related incidents.

Easy to answer and no need to register for anything. You will get to see the life expectancy on the right-hand side of the screen.

4) Project Big Life.ca Life Expectancy Calculator

VisitProject Big Life Expectancy Calculator

This is a very interactive and easy to use average life expectancy calculator. You need to answer some simple questions about your lifestyle and other info. It’s a nice website!

5) BBC Life Expectancy Calculator

VisitBBC Life Expectancy Calculator

Yes, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) also has an easy to use Life expectancy calculator. It has very useful information other than telling you how long you will live.  Very useful indeed.

All you need to enter is your agecountry, and gender. BBC tells you how long a person (male and female) from your country lives for.

It also mentions the increase or decrease in life expectancy since 1990. There is numerous chart with a lot of interesting info as well, such as you vs the world life expectancy.

You should give this a try!

6) My Good Health.ca Life Expectancy Calculator

VisitMy Good Health Life Expectancy Calculator

Just plain questions and fast results. Within a few minutes, you’ll be able to know your approximate lifespan by answering a small questionnaire with this longevity calculator.

7) Lincoln Financial Group Life Expectancy Calculator

VisitLFG Life Expectancy Calculator

Adding to this list the LFG Questionnaire can help you determine how long you will probably live for. It is easy to answer and you will find it useful to plan your future with calculators like these.

Many of these calculators ask basic info about your life like your age and height. You might also need to know if your heart condition, cholesterol, and other vital info are normal.

As mentioned please consult a physician if you need medical help.

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