6 Free Tools To Convert Photo To Sketch Online

If you want to convert photos into a sketch, we have found the best free online tools for you to add fun effects.

You can use these web app for free without downloading or paying for anything.

It’s easy to turn your pictures into beautiful pencil sketches using these free tools.

Convert photos to sketech

Don’t even bother downloading professional software like photoshop or any other complicated software to do this.

If you are in a hurry then try these quick links:

  1. Pho.to Sketch
  2. Snaps Touch
  3. LunaPic
  4. PhotoFunia Sketch
  5. Tuxpi Sketch
  6. ConvertImage.net Sketch

These online tools produce sketches as good as a real sketch artist can make for you.

So, let us have a closer look at these online photos to sketch tools:

1) Pho.to Sketch

VisitPho.to Sketch or 9 other sketch effects

In a matter of a few seconds, your photos will be converted into beautiful sketches, thanks to Pho.to.

Click on the first link & upload a photo to see it convert to a sketch. Or choose the second link (mentioned above) and choose among 10 designs including Sketch.

The other effects are color pencil drawing & sketch, warm colors watercolor, vintage charcoal sketch, pen sketch, graphite pencil sketch, and many more.

2) Snaps Touch

VisitSnaps Touch & Snapstouch homepage

The first link will take you to the sketch tool. You need to upload a picture of you, select sketch color (any color you wish), add additional options like a dark pencil sketch or refine faces.

You’ll have a beautiful sketch of you, as real as it can get!

The second link will take you to the Snapstouch homepage with 6 designs to choose from. These are the Sketch effect, pencil sketch effect, painting effect, drawing effect, outline effect, and color effect.

3) LunaPic


LunaPic offers you 12 different types of sketch options.

Apart from the classic sketch effect, there is a pencil, scribble, pen & ink, drawing, color pencil, color pen, and more.

You can adjust the effects using the slider option.

4) PhotoFunia

VisitPhotoFunia Sketch

Upload photo to PhotoFunia with the “Fade Edges” option. You can crop the image if you want. Select Go and see the magic unfold in front of you.

You can download your sketch in regular or small size for free.

5) Tuxpi

VisitTuxpi Sketch

Select “Start Photo Editing” on Tuxpi and pick a photo of you to upload. That’s it!

You can alter some settings like zoon, add text, color & contrast. You can even resize, crop, and rotate.

6) ConvertImage.net

VisitConvertImage.net Sketch

The above link will take you directly to the converter page.

The Charcoal pen sketch drawing effect is chosen already. You can keep the same picture output format also. Select yes to their terms of use. Choose “Send this image“.

You can now download your very own awesome sketch picture for free!

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