Forever 21 Ariana Grande Look Alike

Did you know that Ariana Grande had sued Forever21 for using a look alike of her.

Paige Niemann a tiktok model was used by forever21 and it turned out to be a big controversy.

We will cover all the websites which has this story last year.


This has all the news you need to know about the controversy. Plus it also has images of other doppelgangers.

2) has also covered this story of forever21 using a look-alike instead of her. Ariana had said that Forever21 was too cheap to pay her for an endorsement and instead used a look alike.

3) NY Times

NY Times reports about the incident and also mentions about the whole case.

4) Hollywood reporter

Hollywood reporter also has published an article mentioning that Ariana actually sued forever 21 because of the whole controversy.

5) has covered the incident and has mentioned about the case between ariana vs forever 21.

6) BBC

Ariana has sued forever 21 for 10 million dollars (8.3 million pounds) reports

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