Find Your Bollywood Look-Alike Celebrity by Uploading Photo

We have found a tool called Cinestaan Face Match where you can find your Bollywood look-alike celebrity for free.

It matches your face with a Bollywood celebrity and shows you the result accordingly.

It is a basic tool and not very advanced. You may have to try multiple photos before you end up finding your Bollywood look-alike celebrity.

bollywood celebrity look alike

Tip: Before you begin we would like to suggest you have multiple selfies (close-ups) of you looking straight at the camera. The face should be clearly visible and highlighted in the pictures.

Interesting: If you are looking for a Hollywood look-alike celebrity generator, then try this instead! It works very well and sometimes shows you Bollywood celebs also!

How to Find your Bollywood actor or actress look-alike?

  • Go to Cinestaan Face Match
  • Click on Upload and select a picture of your choice
  • Drag (Adjust) the picture to center it. Face should be the main highlight, remember that.
  • That’s it. You should be seeing your closest match from the Bollywood actors present in their database.

It is mentioned that Cinestaan uses advanced face recognition technology for this tool. You can also use these 4 Celebrity look-alike generator mentioned here. Some of it also finds and shows you both Hollywood and Bollywood Actors & Actresses.

Note: If the loading icon stays on for too long, it means that you should try another photo of you. It is not an advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence tool) but does a good job.

This tool is meant for fun, although it does find your Bollywood celebrity look-alike. Please do try multiple pics of you in case the loading icon goes on and on.

We haven’t found any other tool that is similar to this. So please let us know if you know any!

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