Download These Free Software and Apps to Dim Screen Brightness

We live in the age of technology and we are constantly glued to the bright screens on a computer and mobile screens.

It is best to install a good screen dimming software or app on your devices to protect your eyes.

This post has some of the best ways you can protect your eyes using free computer software and mobile apps.

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It will help you maintain a balanced sleep cycle (circadian rhythm) and you can minimize tired eyes and be more productive.

1) Free Android Apps To Dim Mobile Brightness

It is really important to enable the night mode option on your mobile phone if you have it.

If the feature is not available on your mobile phone, then these alternative apps are the best options for you. They are free to download and install.

2) Dim Screen Brightness/Night Mode on Computer/Laptop

There are many people who have to use a desktop computer or a laptop every day. You can use free software and protect your eyes when using a computer.

You can avoid stressing your eyes with the help of a screen dimming software.

  • You can set your display to night time in Windows 10 (default option)
  • Flux (one of the best free software for dimming screen brightness). You can adjust the display brightness by making your screen warm at night and bright like outdoor sunlight.

We hope you found this post useful and have become aware of the negative effects of staring at a bright screen.

You can share it with your friends and colleagues to make them aware of the problems caused by staring at a bright screen for a long time.

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