Download Flux for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

F.lux is a software that makes your life better. If you use your computer or mobile phone for a long time, then flux is your friend.

F.lux makes the color of your screen adapt to the time of day. The screen brightness stays warm at night and bright during the day.

This way it reduces the stress on your eyes by changing the display brightness using f.lux. You can also improve your sleep and avoid tiredness.

You can set your F.lux options to Recommended colors (default option based on your location and time). It also has other options such as reduce eyestrain, classic f.lux, working late, far from the equator, cave painting, and color fidelity.


Download F.lux for:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • iPhone/iPad (iOS)
  • Android

You can also set various options within the software to adjust the screen brightness according to your need.

Although many devices already have night mode to reduce stress on your eyes, f.lux is a better option. Give it a try and let me know using the comment box below.

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