How To Create A Group On Facebook? Easy Steps!

Did you know you can create a Facebook Group easily? We will tell you how you can do that!

Creating Facebook Groups is definitely a good idea if you want to keep your conversations private from others.

It is quite useful to create a Facebook Group and share stuff with people of similar interests. You can end up with a big community very soon if your group becomes popular.

Create A Group On Facebook

It is an awesome idea to have a private group among your closest friends on Facebook.

So here we go:

1) Create a Facebook Group

VisitFacebook Groups

Visit the above link and you can find the “Create Group” option on the left side and also find many suggested groups that you can join. You can also choose from various categories, popular near you, Friends’ Groups, and more suggestions.

Or you can log into your Facebook account and at the top right you will see “Create“. Click on it and select “Group (Find People with Shared Interests)“.

You need to enter the name of your Group, Add some people, Select Privacy (Public or Private). Choose Hide Group option, pick either Visible (Anyone can find this group) or Hidden (Only members can find this group). Select “Create” and you are done!

Now you can add any person of your choice and have some fun in the group.

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2) How to add admin to a Facebook Group

You need to be an admin in order to make someone an admin or a moderator. Since you are the creator of the group you can add anyone as an admin or mod.

Go to your Facebook Group, Select any Member, and then choose between “Make Admin” or “Make Moderator“. That’s it.

If you change your mind you can also cancel the invitation. You can do that by going to “invited Admins and Moderators“, Select their name and Cancel Admin or Moderator Invite.

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3) How to Create a Group Chat in Messenger

You can check out this Official Facebook Help Center on Messenger Groups to get info to many questions related to it.

With a Private or a Public Facebook Group you can Add photos, videos, gifs, polls, tag events, get together, check-in, and also schedule your posts to be added at a later time. I hope you were able to create your own Facebook Group. Have a great time!

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