Download and install Top 12 YouTube Apps for Android and iOS

There are 8 YouTube apps that you can download and install on your Android phone.

These are YouTube, YouTube for Android TV, YouTube Music, YouTube Studio, YouTube Music for TV, YouTube Kids, YouTube Kids for Android TV, and YouTube VR.

Here they are:

1) YouTube

2) YouTube for Android TV

3) YouTube Music – Stream Songs & Music Videos

4) YouTube Studio

5) YouTube Music for TV

6) YouTube Kids

7) YouTube Kids for Android TV

8) YouTube VR

9) YouTube (iOS)

10) YouTube Music (iOS)

11) YouTube Kids (iOS)

12) YouTube Studio (iOS)

13) YouTube (Online)

14) YouTube Music (Online)

15) YouTube Kids (Online)

16) YouTube TV (Online)

17) YouTube Studio (Online)

18) YouTube VR (Online)

Youtube App

1) YouTube

This is the official YouTube app that comes installed on all Android mobile phones and tablets.


You can browse personal recommendations on the home tab. You can search for any video that you want using the search box.

You can share YouTube videos with anyone that you like on Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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2) YouTube for Android TV

This is YouTube for your Android TV. It is to experience YouTube on a full widescreen. You can watch any YouTube video that you do from a browser.

YouTube for Android TV

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3) YouTube Music – Stream Songs & Music Videos

You can listen to official albums, singles, and more. You can listen to recommendations based on taste, location, and time of the day.

YouTube Music

There are live performances, remixes, and covers you can listen to YouTube music. You can search for a song by the lyrics of the song.

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4) YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is for the creators of the videos on the platform. You can easily manage your YouTube channels.

YouTube Studio

You can check out your latest stats, respond to comments, upload custom video thumbnail images, schedule videos, and get notifications so you can stay connected and be productive from anywhere.

You can manage playlists, enable dark mode, monitor channel, video performance with easy-to-use analytics.

There are options for monetization settings, schedule dates, descriptions, and much more.

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5) YouTube Music for TV

This is the official YouTube Music for TV. You can easily find albums, singles, live performances, covers, and remixes.

YouTube Music 2

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6) YouTube Kids

This is a YouTube app made just for kids. You can find all kinds of videos for all kinds of kids.

You can set parental controls to set content levels by age. You can approve what your kids can watch. Set a timer to limit screen time and help your kid from getting addicted to unwanted videos.

YouTube Kids

You can simply check the watch it again page and you will be able to know what they’ve watched. You can block a video or an entire channel. By flagging a video you can alert people on YouTube.

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7) YouTube Kids for Android TV

This YouTube kids app is for your TV. You can have full control of your kid’s watching experience with this app.

YouTube Kids for Android TV

8) YouTube VR

You can watch your favorite YouTube channels, videos, and creator in virtual reality (VR).

YouTube VR

With YouTube VR app you can turn any video into 3D video and enjoy it.

You can immerse yourself in a full 360-degree video. You can experience yourself in spatial audio, where depth and distance play a role depending on where you look. You can switch between voice and keyboard control to browse and search with ease.

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