Best 25 Word Search Games for Android, iOS, and Online (2021)

If you love to search words in a board game, then we have the best word games for you for Android, iOS, and online.

You can download and install these free word games on your Android mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, and tablet. Or you can simply play it online from any Internet browser on your device.

Here you go:

A) Android Word Search Games

1) Word Search Quest (Android)

2) Word Search Games in English (Android)

3) Word Search (Android)

4) Word Search (Android)

5) Word Search (Android)

6) Word Search – Classic Find Word Search Puzzle Game (Android)

7) Word Search (Android)

8) Wordscapes Search (Android)

9) Word Search (Android)

10) Word Search Addict – Word Search Puzzle Free (Android)

B) iOS Word Search Games

11) Word Search (iPhone and iPad)

12) Word Search Unlimited (iPhone)

13) Word Search Puzzles (iPhone and iPad)

14) Infinite Word Search Puzzle‪s (iPhone and iPad)

15) Word Search – Crossword Gam‪e‬ (iPhone and iPad)

16) Word Search Pro (iPhone and iPad)

17) WordBrain 2: Fun word search‪!‬  (iPhone and iPad)

18) ⋆Word Searc‪h (iPhone and iPad)

19) Word Search – World’s Bigges‪t (iPhone and iPad)

20) Word Search ‪+ (iPhone and iPad)

C) Online Word Search Games

21) The Word Search (Online)

22) 24/7 Word Search (online)

23) Razzle Puzzles (Online)

24) Arkadium Word Games (Online)

25) Mind Games (Online)

Word Search Games for Android iOS and Online

1) Word Search Quest (Android)

Word Search Quest is one of the most addicting puzzle games. Play through thousands of levels with increasing difficulty.

There are many themes of words to search for, such as animals, countries, actors, delicious foods, and more.

word search quest screenshot

There is a relax mode with infinite numbers of grids, where you can take your own time finding hidden words with your difficulty settings.

There are no timers so play the game without any pressure. There are 23 themes that you can unlock.

The game supports 10 languages and each language has more than 3000 words for you to find.

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2) Word Search Games in English (Android)


This word search game is for both adults and kids. You can play endless hours of gameplay while searching for words.

This word game is also available in different languages such as English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Italian, Polish, Turkish, and more.

You get a random new puzzle every time you play this game. Some of the topics are food, animals, cities, countries, transport, home, colors, sports, and more.

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3) Word Search (Android)

This Word search game has more than 10,000 words that are hidden and you can find them.

It is a classic word search game and it is easy to play. There are modes for stories with classic tales, novels, and stories.

Word Search

You can choose colorful themes for the game. There are 30+ brilliant topics that you can choose from.

You can create your own puzzle and play with your friends. It comes in various languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, English, Chinese, Dutch, Arabic, and more.

You can solve daily puzzles to gain bonus points.

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4) Word Search (Android)

Can you solve more than 3000 puzzles with this word search game? It is available in 16 languages such as English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, German, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, and more.


There is a leaderboard in this game so you can challenge others. It is a 5×5 game and it gets difficult as you progress. You can get 10 achievements from Google play games.

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5) Word Search (Android)

This is one of the best Word Search games it is simple and it has an infinite play with automatically generated grids.

word search1

You can customize the letter size and it has nice highlighting colors. There is visual animation when you find a word.

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6) Word Search – Classic Find Word Search Puzzle Game (Android)

Test your vocabulary with more than 2000+ levels of gaming. It has a beautiful visual experience.

word search classic

You can swipe down, up, left, right, or diagonally to search any give word. Each puzzle has a clue to which all words are related.

It works offline and there are no penalties and time limit.

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7) Word Search (Android)

It is a classic word search game with more than 50 categories to choose from.

Some of the categories are mixed, accessory, animals, clothes, birds, astronomy, art, colors, body, cats, brands, cosmetics, camping, capitals, celebrity, countries, and more.

word search2

You can play your favorite type of stories such as western, humorous, horror, drama, biography, myth, classics, and more.

You can free draw when searching for a word, so the game is easier. You can battle against your friend or a stranger with multiplayer mode.

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8) Wordscapes Search (Android)

You can play this game to unwind, improve your IQ, exercise your brain, and solve over 5000+ puzzles.

You can challenge your vocabulary skills and also your command of the English language with this free game.


You can use boosters to find words when you are stuck. Find extra words to earn rewards.

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9) Word Search (Android)

This word search game is available in 4 languages, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Turkish.


There are thousands of words for you to search with hints. There are 6 game modes, Words, Images, Phrases, Questions, Numbers, and Gems search.

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10) Word Search Addict – Word Search Puzzle Free (Android)

You can beat 1000+ search levels and search for hidden words. It is easy to play but hard to beat, you can train your brain to solve this puzzle game.

Word Search Addict

You can connect words in any direction to form the hidden words. You can play the game online or offline.

You can earn rewards when you solve all the words on your list.

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11) Word Search Puzzle‪s‬ (iPhone and iPad)

Word Search Puzzle‪s ios

This Word search puzzle game is fun to play and challenging. It improves your vocabulary and sharpens your brain.

12) Word Search Unlimited Free (iPhone)

In this word search game the word lists are from basic standard English, SAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT vocabulary and also other categories such as animals, food, family, body parts, clothes, and more.

Word Search Unlimited Fre‪e iphone

The word game also has 3 themes to choose from, pencil on paper, chalk on a blackboard, and white grid & black grid.

13) Word Collect: Word Game‪s (iPhone and iPad)

With Word Collect word game you can swipe to make words and there are over 2500 levels to complete.

Word Collect Word Game‪s iPhone and iPad

There are daily bonuses and puzzles. You can also play this word game online or offline. The game gets difficult as you complete levels.

14) Infinite Word Search Puzzle‪s (iPhone and iPad)

Infinite word search game has more than 130 categories to choose from. You can trace words by moving up, down, left, right, diagonal, and even backwards.

Infinite Word Search Puzzle‪s iPhone and iPad

You can play a quick match without logging in and play with another player across the world.

15) Word Search – Crossword Gam‪e‬ (iPhone and iPad)

You can build your vocabulary and play for hours in this challenging word game. You also get clues that you can use when you are stuck.

Word Search Crossword Gam‪e‬ iPhone and iPad

This game is available in English, German, and Russian languages. There are thousands of words that need to be discovered, so have fun!

16) Word Search Pro (iPhone and iPad)

In Word Search Pro you can find words in 4 difficulty levels and 4 game modes. The puzzles are generated in real-time. There are 50 words categories that you can choose from.

Word Search Pro iPhone and iPad

The game has HD graphics and elegant animations. It also has a night mode option. You also get hints to avoid frustration.

17) WordBrain 2: Fun word search‪!‬  (iPhone and iPad)

In this word puzzle game you need to swipe and clear the board. There are over 100 unique themes and 1130 brain twisting levels.

WordBrain 2 Fun word search‪‬ iPhone and iPad

You need to find the hidden word and swipe on it and see it collapse. It’s a hard game and you will definitely have fun playing it on your mobile.

18) ⋆Word Searc‪h (iPhone and iPad)

There are over 8000 words that you need to find in this game. There are dozens of categories such as food, astronomy, science, music, and basic & advanced English words.

Word Searc‪h iPhone and iPad

There are 4 difficulty levels with several colorful themes that you can select. It has easy to read and high-resolution fonts.

19) Word Search – World’s Biggest (iPhone and iPad)

There are over 5000 words to search from and there are over 100s of topics. There are 361 puzzles based on wide range of topics.

Word Search – Worlds Bigges‪t iPhone and iPad

20) Word Search ‪+ (iPhone and iPad)

This game has over 321 fun categories. You can learn trivia and improve your vocabulary. You can choose your own background, pen colors, fonts, tokens, and more.

Word Search ‪ iPhone and iPad

It has a Free SAT vocabulary category with over 4000 words. There are 5 puzzle sizes on the iPad and 4 on iPhone.

21) The Word Search (Online)

The Word Search is completely free and you can play it on your computer, Mac, mobile, or tablet.

Word Search

There are many categories that you can choose from such as Television shows, sitcoms, teen television, celebrities, animals, movies, general, kids, Disney, food, drink, science, music, and more.

22) 24/7 Word Search (online)

This online word game improves your vocabulary, spelling, memory, and logical thinking.

247 Word Search online

You can keep your brain fit and relax by playing this word game. Increase your problem-solving ability and enjoy this game whenever you want on any platform.

23) Razzle Puzzles (Online)

There are four difficulty levels with this word game, easy, medium, hard, expert, and numbers.

Razzle Puzzles Online

It’s a simple word search game and you can play it on any modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and more.

24) Arkadium Word Games (Online)

Arkadium Word Games Online

There are 30 Word games on Arkadium that you can play online. Some of the games are Codeword, Outspell spelling, word wipe, spellbound, scramble words, wander words, easy crossword, and more.

25) Mind Games (Online)

Mind Games Online

There are over 32 word games on Some of the games are Bee English, Word Mahjong, Word Wipe, Daily Word Search, Scramble Words, TextTwist 2, Word Connect, Crossword Swipe, Classic Word Search, WOrd Fishing, and more.

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