16 Best Treadmill Workout Apps for Android and iOS

Treadmill workout apps are the best resourceful apps that you can use in your cardio regime. It is good to exercise and it is even better to do cardio exercises to improve your overall health.

These are some of the apps that you can try for treadmill workout app.

Here they are:

1) Treadmill Workout

2) BitGym – Virtual Workout Tours

3) Treadmill TV – Inspiring workout trails

4) TreadR – Treadmill HIIT Smart Cardio Coach

5) Virtual Fitness TV – Treadmill Sceneries

6) Running Hit – treadmill workout

7) Treadmill Workout Free

8) Treadmill Trails

9) Smart Treadmill

10) Treadmill Tracker

11) Treadmill Trails (iOS)

12) Finger Treadmill (iOS)

13) Treadmill Trainer Workouts (iOS)

14) STUDIO: HiiT Treadmill Workout (iOS)

15) Treadmill Workouts (iOS)

16) Treadmill TV – Trailsceneries (iOS)

17) 4 Ways To Lose Weight on Treadmill (Online)

18) 1 Month Treadmill Workout (Online)

19) 10-Minutes Treadmill Workout (Online)

20) HIIT Treadmill Workouts (Online)

Best treadmill workout app

1) Treadmill Workout

This treadmill workout app has many features. You get voice prompts with this app. You can also share workout data with Google fit. You can also calculate your heart rate zones.

Treadmill Workout

You can calculate burned calories. It has over 6 workouts. This has the ability to create and customize custom workouts. You can customize colors for each interval.

You can get sound and vibration prompts on interval changing. You can also see list view and chat view history.

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2) BitGym – Virtual Workout Tours

This treadmill app brings new adventure and excitement to your home workout routine. The bitgym app uses your smartphone’s front camera.

BitGym Virtual Workout Tours 1

You can choose a range of filters to select along the way for travel, such as guided hikes, rides, running, and cardio coach.

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3) Treadmill TV – Inspiring workout trails

There are over 75 real videos from the best trails around the world. You can easily adjust the pace of your preference. All can be downloaded and played without wifi or 4g.

Treadmill TV Inspiring workout trails

You can choose the metric system according to your location. You can have a personal trainer run in front of you. There are many beaches, mountains, cities, and forests. You can also cast the videos to any screen with Chromecast.

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4) TreadR – Treadmill HIIT Smart Cardio Coach

There is a smart HIIT motivational cardio coach. TreadR will guide and motivate you throughout your workout.

TreadR Treadmill HIIT Smart Cardio Coach

You can track your progress with insightful graphs. You can create your own custom workouts. TreadRize can create a custom workout. You can share your workouts with the treadr community.

There are suggested stretches and workout tips. There are multiple voices to choose from.

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5) Virtual Fitness TV – Treadmill Sceneries

You can get over 1000+ virtual walks, cycling, and rowing videos. You can see the world from your treadmill, rowing machine, spin bike, or just do a stationary walk in front of your TV.

Virtual Fitness TV Treadmill Sceneries

All the tracks come with natural sounds. All the videos are filmed in full HD. Every month new videos are added to the list.

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6) Running Hit – treadmill workout

You can see the details of your training. It’s like having treadmill training in your pocket. You can run on your treadmill according to your workout.

Running Hit treadmill workout

When you are finished save your training for history. You can also create and manage workout reminders.

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7) Treadmill Workout Free

This app is designed for all runners. It will configure your treadmill based on a customized workout.

Treadmill Workout Free

You can create a complex workout with any number of segments to control your treadmill. You can associate music by segment to keep you on the beat.

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8) Treadmill Trails

You can take a 30-minute vacation on your treadmill, bike, elliptical, step deck, or floor. You can listen to your own music.

Treadmill Trails

You can walk, run or cycle along beautiful trails in Hawaii, in national parks, big cities, ancient hill towns, on the beaches, up a mountain, across a canyon.

9) Smart Treadmill

Smart treadmill app turns any treadmill into a smart treadmill. It reads your current speed and cadence and the treadmill incline and broadcasts their values over Bluetooth low energy.

Smart Treadmill

10) Treadmill Tracker

You can easily view your progress throughout a planned workout. You can analyze the details for each workout completed.

Treadmill Tracker

Freeform workout to manually track treadmill input. You can create personalized workouts and easily track progress. You can stay on track with a workout plan.

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