6 Best System Requirements Checker For Games

We will tell you how to check the system requirements for any game.

With all these resources you can know if your desktop computer or Laptop can run that game you want to install.

Or if you need to upgrade the hardware.

System Requirements Checker For Games

These are some of the best system requirements checker for games:

  1. Can You Run It from SystemRequirementsLab
  2. PC Game Benchmark
  3. Game System Requirements
  4. Game-Debate – Can I Run
  5. PC-Builds CYRI
  6. Technical.city – Can I Run It
  7. MacGamerHQ

These are very easy to use tools & Websites. Please tell us if you need any further help.

1) Can You Run It?

VisitCan You Run It from SystemRequirementsLab

Can You Run It (CYRI) is a free tool from SystemRequirementsLab.com. It helps you to find out if your computer can run a particular game. It’s been there since 2005 and it is safe to use.

Can You Run It tool has tracked over 6000 latest PC game requirements. Some of the top games are GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption 2, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Fortnite, Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY, League of Legends, CS GO, and many more.

2) PC Game Benchmark

VisitPC Game Benchmark

With PCGameBenchmark.com you can know what games your PC can run.

Using the free tool, you can know your computer specs and the games which will run on it. They have a huge database of 33,000+ games.

If you already know your PC specs then input it on the main page. You need to enter the Platform (OS), Processor, Graphics Card, and Memory details.

3) Game System Requirements

VisitGame System Requirements

System Requirements Index (SRI) is a number based on CPU and GPU benchmark results and the size of memory and the graphics card.

You can get information about Game Requirements, GPU, news, reviews and much more on this site.

4) Game-Debate

VisitGame-Debate – Can I Run

Game-Debate.com has a Hardware Scanner tool, you can choose any game to know if it can run on your computer.

You can manually select the name of the game or its Publisher, and enter the details of the Processor, Graphics card, and RAM to find out if it will work.

5) PC-Builds

VisitPC-Builds CYRI

You need to enter a few details about your computer and you will know how well the game will run on your computer.

You have to select the CPU and GPU name, RAM size, Free storage space, and select the game you want to test. And it will show you the result.

6) Technical City

VisitTechnical.city – Can I Run It

All you need to do is choose the game you want to play. Click on Proceed. Then select the Video Card, CPU, and Memory.

You can get to see the minimum and recommended requirements for any game. You can also find out other important information about the game, FPS tests, and more.

7) Game Requirements Checker for MAC


This is for MAC gamers, you can use this website to find out if your MAC can run any game.

We are sure that these Can I run it games tools and websites were useful to you. Bookmark this page and share it with your other gamer friends!

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