18 Best Sound/Decibel Meter Apps (Android, iOS, and Online)

If you want to measure sound/noise with an SPL meter then try these decibel meter apps for free.

All you need is your smartphone and a decibel meter online app. Let’s take a look at all the best decibel/sound meter apps for Android.

Here it is:

1) Sound Meter

2) Sound Meter

3) Sound Meter – Decibel

4) Sound Meter

5) Sound Meter – Decibel & Noise meter

6) Decibel Meter

7) Sound Meter: SPL meter, dB meter, noise meter

8) Sound Meter & Noise Detector

9) Decibel X – dB Sound Level Meter, Noise Detector

10) Sound Meter: decibel meter, noise detector

11) Decibel X:dB Sound Level Meter (iOS)

12) NIOSH Sound Level Meter (iOS)

13) Decibel : dB sound level meter (iOS)

14) SoundMeter X (iOS)

15) Decibel Meter With Recorder (iOS)

16) Decibel X: dB Noise Meter, SLM (iOS)

17) Online Loudness Meter (Online)

18) Sound Meter (Online)

Decibel meter online

1) Sound Meter

Sound meter by Abc apps is a great app to measure decibel sound on the go. You can measure the environmental sound/noise easily with this app. Some of the features of these apps are it indicates decibel by gauge.

Sound Meter

It displays the current noise reference. It also displays min/avg/max decibel values. You can see decibel by graph line and elapsed time of decibel. You can also calibrate the decibel for each device.

2) Sound Meter

If you want to measure sound level then use this free sound meter. This is a smart sound meter for android. It uses the built-in microphone to measure sound volume in Decibels (dB). It also displays samples on the graph.

Sound Meter1

3) Sound Meter – Decibel

Some of the functions of this sound meter are it has division gauge, bar graph, chart graph, display min-max average decibel, displays measure time, calibration decibel, and more.

Sound Meter Decibel

You can refresh, play, and pause. It keeps the screen on and changes color too.

4) Sound Meter

This SPL (Sound pressure level) meter app uses your in-built microphone on your mobile. It measures noise volume in decibels.

Sound Meter2

Some of the main features of this app are it has an upside-down mode, level notification, line-chart duration, and material design.

5) Sound Meter – Decibel & Noise meter

This is a simple and practical sound meter for free download on Android. With different scene detection, it gives different results. It has a quiet library and half screen and full-screen mode.

Sound Meter Decibel Noise

It helps you detect traffic noise, factory noise, and noise from your neighbors. It has an accurate calibration setting. You can also save data from this sound meter app.

6) Decibel Meter

This decibel meter app shows your current real-time sound volume on your device. There is also a volume value timeline in the bottom part of your screen.

Decibel Meter

It even has a settings screen where you can calibrate decibels according to your device’s microphone specification.

7) Sound Meter: SPL meter, dB meter, noise meter

This is a free noise measurement app for you. It has both day and night mode. It also has historical data for your convenience. With this, you can measure environmental noise.

Sound Meter SPL meter dB meter noise meter

You can see real-time updates on the chart graph. It has a display measuring time. There is a reset button in case you need to reset the measurement.

8) Sound Meter & Noise Detector

You can measure sound in construction site noise, busy traffic, quiet library. It has day and night mode with the calibration of the app. You can get a specific noise level reference.

Sound Meter Noise Detector

You can detect and record sound in the background. It also displays different forms of decibel. There is a sound warning when the noise is higher than the preset.

9) Decibel X – dB Sound Level Meter, Noise Detector

This is a professional dBA noise meter with pre-calibrated and trusted accuracy. It also has A, B, C, Z frequency weightings spectrum analyzer, FFT, and BAR graphs.

Decibel X dB Sound Level Meter Noise Detector

It has powerful data management, fullscreen, history graph. You can export CSV data into a high-resolution JPG graph. You can capture photos with overlaying report and share via social media. You can protect your ears from harmful noise levels.

10) Sound Meter: decibel meter, noise detector

It is a simple sound meter and noise detector to easily measure the sound around you. You can detect loud music, busy traffic, conversation, quiet office, whisper.

Sound Meter decibel meter noise detector

Very loud sounds are usually over 90 decibels. You can get noise information and also displays the elapsed time.

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