Play 23 Soccer Games on Android, iOS, and Online

If you love football then you will definitely love playing these Soccer games on your Android mobile phone & Tablet and iPhone & iPad.

You can also play online Soccer games on Windows, Mac, and on any popular Internet Browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

Here you go:

A) Android Soccer Games

1) World Soccer League (Android)

2) Score! Hero (Android)

3) Dream League Soccer 2021 (Android)

4) Real Football (Android)

5) Football Strike – Multiplayer Soccer (Android)

6) FIFA Soccer (Android)

7) SEASON Pro Soccer Manager – Soccer Management Game (Android)

8) Ultimate Soccer – Football (Android)

9) Head Ball 2 (Android)

10) Soccer Super Star (Android)

B) iOS Soccer Games

11) FIFA Socce‪r‬ (iPhone and iPad)

12) Soccer Game‪s (iPhone and iPad)

13) New Star Socce‪r‬ (iPhone and iPad)

14) eFootball PES 202‪1 (iPhone and iPad)

15) Score! Match – PvP Socce‪r (iPhone and iPad)

16) Mini Football – Soccer gam‪e (iPhone and iPad)

17) Soccer Stars: Football Kic‪k (iPhone and iPad)

18) Football Strik‪e (iPhone and iPad)

19) Soccer Star 2021 Top League‪s (iPhone and iPad)

20) Solid Socce‪r (iPhone, iPad, iMessage, and Apple TV)

C) Online Soccer Games

21) 9 Soccer Games (Online)

22) 148 Soccer Games (Online)

23) 96 Soccer Games (Online)

Soccer Games on Android iOS and Online

1) World Soccer League (Android)

World soccer league game has over 60 national teams, 60 football clubs, and a total of 2000 football players.

There are a total of 4 modes, exhibition, cup, league, and training.

You can enjoy splendid dribble and thrilling shooting in this real football game. You can save images and videos of each movement in the game.

World Soccer League

There are achievements and global activity provided in the game. It has support for 15 languages and you can also play a football game on your tablet.

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2) Score! Hero (Android)

You can hit bend shots into the top corner, split defenses with precise passing, and explore your dramatic career.

You can match towards your glory in this football game for Android.

Be the hero, pass, shoot, and score your way to legendary status with over 800 challenging levels.

Score Hero

It is an immersive 3D football game that lets you control the action in the game. You can represent your country, win awards, win trophies, score goals, change clubs, and more.

This game has an engine that allows more freedom in movement and strategic play than ever before.

It has stunning 3D graphics, cut scenes, and animations. Intelligent AI adapts to your passes and shots, making each gameplay different.

You can connect with your Facebook friends and compete against your closest friends.

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3) Dream League Soccer 2021 (Android)

Dream League Soccer 2021 has realistic gameplay and fluid controls. You can build your own stadium and facilities.

You can also challenge the world with dream league live. Go global and challenge the world in real-time 11 vs 11 matches.

You can recruit scouts, agents, and coaches to improve your squad. Build your dream team from over 4000 licensed players and take to the field against the world’s best soccer clubs.

Dream League Soccer 2021

Rise through 8 divisions whilst enjoying full 3D motion-captured player moves, immersive in-game commentary, team customizations, and much more.

You can build your dream team, new and improved gameplay, dress for success, conquer the world, and compete in over 10 cup competitions.

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4) Real Football (Android)

Real football from Gameloft is as real as it gets. It has stunning visuals and challenging AI.

You can sign the best players, challenge yourself in the world arena, and upgrade your club, and lead them to the top.

Real Football

Real Football is only 20MB in size. But it has stunning visuals, 3D stadiums, polished shadows, detailed textures, and spectators.

There are multiple camera views during cutscenes and set pieces for a richer broadcast and first-person sensation.

You can build your dream team by recruiting star players through the lottery. You can enhance your players’ abilities by acquiring skill items through the lottery and matches.

You can upgrade your team facilities including stadiums, hospitals, physiotherapy centers, and Youth camps.

Real Football is a free simulation sports game where you’ll be able to win a league, cup championship, play with world champions, be a manager of a fantasy team, and more.

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5) Football Strike – Multiplayer Soccer (Android)

Football Strike from Miniclip is a Realtime multiplayer football game.

You can play as a striker or keeper and play in different modes. Take on your friends in multiplayer free-kick, face-offs, or make a name for yourself in the Career mode.

You can customize your striker and goalkeeper with tons of unlockable items and show off your style or represent your team’s colors.

Football Strike

Represent your favorite teams such as FC Barcelona, Liverpool FC, Borussia Dortmund, and more.

With the flick of a finger you can take a shot or make amazing saves.

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6) FIFA Soccer (Android)

Play with the biggest stars, teams, and leagues with FIFA Soccer game from Electronic Arts.

Play as Zidane and other superstars. You can play with your friends and earn exclusive rewards.

You can show off your skills with this awesome football game for your Android phone and tablet.

FIFA Soccer

You can choose from your favorite leagues and teams with over 50,000 players.

Play in famous football competitions such as the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

Challenge your friends in real-time 11v11 matches.

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7) SEASON Pro Soccer Manager – Soccer Management Game (Android)

You can develop your soccer club and manage your dream football team. Sign top soccer layers and pick your matchday strategy. You can compete with managers worldwide.

Build your soccer fans a stadium with realistic soccer simulation in 3D. Join managers worldwide to become a true leader of your professional football squad.

SEASON Pro Football Manager

Play football coach games to nurture and manage talent in the club academy. You need to find the next football legends from young players. It is a good fantasy football game with a realistic game economy.

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8) Ultimate Soccer – Football (Android)

There are over 1000 players available to setup your lineup, formations, and tactics.

Ultimate Soccer

There are polished 3D graphics and high-quality sound effects. This football game has a career mode, world cup, and friendly mode.

It is a realistic, immersive, and addictive Football game for Android. It has a definitive mobile football simulation, featuring simple controls, smooth animations, and insane actions.

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9) Head Ball 2 (Android)

Head Ball 2 has commentary by John Motson. It is a competitive game that is a thrilling and fast-paced multiplayer soccer game.

Take place 1v1 online soccer matches against real opponents from all around the world.

You can play 90-seconds of action-packed soccer matches, whoever scores more goals wins.

Head Ball 2

You can challenge your friends in real-time, rumble through competitive soccer leagues, take control of your soccer career, stand out from the crows, upgrade your character with unique gameplay.

This football game has over 125 unique characters to unlock. It has a dynamic and exciting gameplay with dashy graphics. It also has 5 unique competitive soccer leagues with 15 brackets to play through.

There are hundreds of accessories to improve your soccer hero. Plan out your strategy on the field with 18 upgradable powers.

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10) Soccer Super Star (Android)

You can play Soccer superstar offline. It utilizes the latest 2020 motion capture technology of real star players.

It has an immersive 3D mobile engine and advanced game AI (Artificial Intelligence). It allows realistic freedom, powerful simulation with accurate ball physics.

Soccer Super Star

This soccer game has super simple game controls and with an intuitive flick to pass and kick gameplay, sweep your fingers across the ball to drive, curve and power the ball past walls of defenders.

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11) FIFA Socce‪r‬ (iPhone and iPad)

FIFA Soccer is from Electronic Arts and you can build your own Ultimate Team™ or play as your favorite team.

FIFA Socce‪r‬ iPhone and iPad

You can pick players from Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, MLS, and more. You can play online against your friends and others.

12) Soccer Game‪s (iPhone and iPad)

You can play Soccer games infinite time, unlimited lives, without waiting. The goalie improves every 5 levels.

Soccer Game‪s iPhone and iPad

The game has got good HD graphics. You just need to swipe to shoot the soccer ball.

13) New Star Socce‪r‬ (iPhone and iPad)

In New Star Soccer, you are a promising 16 year old player who has started his career.

New Star Socce‪r‬ iPhone and iPad

It has got instinctive controls, laced with detail, entertaining, mini-games, and more. You can hire agents, trainers, learn new skills, develop your talent

14) eFootball PES 202‪1 (iPhone and iPad)

eFootball PES 2021 has got online multiplayer mode, you can challenge your friends and other users across the world.

eFootball PES 202‪1 iPhone and iPad


15) Score! Match – PvP Socce‪r (iPhone and iPad)

Score! Match is a free live multiplayer soccer game for iPhone and iPad. You can play fast-paced 1 on 1 matches against other players from around the world.

Score Match PvP Socce‪r iPhone and iPad

The game has got stunning 3D graphics, intelligent AI, unique animations, recruit friends, and more. You can upgrade and unlock playerstypes, formations, boot designs, and more.

16) Mini Football – Soccer gam‪e (iPhone and iPad)

Mini Football has got unique logos, jerseys, shorts, socks, and boots for you to choose from. There are over 30 unique country kits in this soccer game.

Mini Football Soccer gam‪e iPhone and iPad

You can play in 5 unique and original stadiums. You can build your own team with more than 1000 customizable options.

17) Soccer Stars: Football Kic‪k (iPhone and iPad)

Soccer Stars is a free online and offline multiplayer game from It has got amazing ball physics and you can play online tournaments against people from all over the world.

Soccer Stars Football Kic‪k iPhone and iPad

You can collect different teams and cups and also play against your friends in this fun soccer game.

18) Football Strik‪e (iPhone and iPad)

Football Strike is a free real-time multiplayer game where you can play as a striker or the keeper against your friends.

Football Strik‪e iPhone and iPad

You can play as FC Barcelona, Liverpool FC, Borussia Dortmund, and more. Try free-kick face-offs or the career mode.

19) Soccer Star 2021 Top League‪s (iPhone and iPad)

With Soccer Star 2021 Top League‪s, you can play and conquer all the leagues by scoring amazing goals.

Soccer Star 2021 Top League‪s iPhone and iPad

You can play soccer all over the world and beat your friends ranking online. There are more than 200 levels of training with this game.

20) Solid Soccer (iPhone, iPad, iMessage, and Apple TV)

You can play solid soccer multiplayer football game on your iPhone, iPad, iMessage, and Apple TV.

Solid Socce‪r iPhone iPad iMessage and Apple TV

You can challenge teams from all over the world. Win cards and collect star players, improve your rating, and get promoted to higher leagues.

21) 9 Soccer Games (Online)

9 Soccer Games Online has got 9 Soccer games and they are Football Masters, Penalty Shooters 2, KIX Dream Soccer, A Small World Cup, Rocket Soccer Derby, Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars, Penalty Challenge, Penalty Shootout: Euro Cup 2016, Penalty Shooters, and SocCar.

22) 148 Soccer Games (Online)

148 Soccer Games Online has got about 148 soccer games that you can play online. Some of the games are Sports Head Football, World Soccer 2, Tricky Kick, Table Soccer, Monster Truck Soccer, Brazil Cup 2014, Zombie Soccer,, Neymar Can Play, Stan James Football, and more.

23) 96 Soccer Games (Online)

96 Soccer Games Online has 96 Soccer games and some of the games are, Soccer Random, Pill Soccer, Christiano Ronaldo: Kick “n” Run,, Brazil vs Argentina, Goalkeeper Champ, Toon Cup 2019, Funny Soccer, Lucky Soccer Strike, and more.

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