Best Top 10 Rowing Machine Apps (Android and iOS)

The rowing machine at the gym or your home is a good workout option. It increases your stamina and endurance.

Here are some of the best rowing machine app for you. You can download and install for free.

Here we go:

1) Start Rowing – Workout Coach

2) ErgData

3) Float – The Indoor Rowing App

4) SmartRow

5) EXR | Make indoor rowing fun!

6) Quiske Rowing

7) Rowing Coach (iOS)

8) LiveRowing (iOS)

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10) 7 Indoor Rowing apps (iOS)

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Top Rowing Machine App

1) Start Rowing – Workout Coach

This is a rowing training app for all levels of fitness. There are multi-week plans for you. You can train over 4-5 weeks with bespoke routines. There is an audio coach with the app.

Start Rowing Workout Coach

You get spoken cues to guide your workout. With challenger workouts, you can challenge yourself with session based full-body workouts. You can track your progress and complete each day’s workout and achieve the best results.

You can choose from beginner, intermediate, and advanced training plans. You can log your workouts and keep track of your overall progress. There are challenges to really put you to the test. You can also share your progress and success with your friends.

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2) ErgData

Ergdata can connect to a PM5 monitor using Bluetooth smart. You need to use a USB cable when using a PM3 or PM4 monitor. Some of the features include displaying your rowing data in real-time.


Offers a choice of 2 screens. It shows a performance monitor showing a choice of watts, calories, or current pace. It can also show drive length, drive time, average force, peak force, drag factor, stroke count.

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3) Float – The Indoor Rowing App

With this rowing machine app, you can track your rows on the indoor rowing machine through the concept2 PM5 monitor. You can track your rows, record the rows you have created or found and view your activity as you record.

Float The Indoor Rowing App

You can see key stats like split, time, distance, pace, stroke length, power, and more. You can also collect heart rate ANT+ and Bluetooth LE monitors. You can see your data with graphs. You need to rotate your phone to landscape mode to see your pace, rate, heart rate displayed graphically.

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4) SmartRow

This smartrow app with smartrow conversion will turn your WaterRower into a lab-grade ergometer. It will show you the power, distance, work-per-stroke, calories, and more.


It will also show you each force-curve, heart rate graph, and much more. It keeps track of your workout and even shows you watts-per-beat and watts-per-kilogram.

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5) EXR | Make indoor rowing fun!

EXR makes your indoor rowing fun. You need to connect your rowing machine to EXR and row through a virtual environment, with every stroke on the rower pushing you forward.

EXR Make indoor rowing fun

This works with the Concept2 PM5. You can discover a virtual world by connecting with EXR and through a virtual environment, with every stroke on the ERG pushing you forward.

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6) Quiske Rowing

The RowP app measures and gives instant feedback on your rowing technique. It works both on water and indoors.

Quiske Rowing

On water rowing for free, you can calculate stroke rate, boat acceleration, and speed with time and distance. You need a separate pod to measure and analyze how you are moving your oars and seat. Your phone should also be waterproof.

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