Top 13 Best Push Up Apps (Android and iOS)

Here are some of the best push up apps for you. It’s a great way to maintain your body and improve health.

Push-ups are difficult if you do not know the correct form. It’s better to get help from these apps and also try many of the push-up challenges.

Here you go:

1) Push Ups Workout

2) Push Up – 21 Day Push Up Challenge

3) 100 Push-ups workout

4) 200 Push Ups – Home Workout, Men Fitness

5) Push Ups Workout : pushup challenge

6) 3D Push Ups Home Workout

7) Pushup Perfect

8) Push Ups Workout

9) 0-100 Pushups Trainer

10) Push Ups Workout – Push up Challenge

11) 22 Pushups (iOS)

12) Push ups: 100 pushups pro (iOS)

13) 7 Push Up apps (iOS)

14) 14 Types of Push-Ups (Online)

15) How to do Push Ups (Online)

16) Push Up Workout (Online)

best pushup app

1) Push Ups Workout

This is your ultimate push-ups personal trainer app. You can touch anywhere on the screen with your chin or close your phone to count.

Push Ups Workout

Some of the push apps features are proximity sensor counting, you can enter training data manually, graphs and statistics, training mode, and also a freestyle mode.

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2) Push Up – 21 Day Push Up Challenge

This is your personal push-up trainer. It uses push up sensor to count your push-ups automatically. You can challenge yourself into a 21 day push up challenge.

Push Up 21 Day Push Up Challenge

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3) 100 Push-ups workout

You can do 100 push-ups with this pushup app. There are 11 levels for everyone. You can do a warmup before training.

100 Push ups workout

You need to do a set and then press the button. You can rest while the timer work. You can fix your results by observing stats. You can also set your custom training.

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4) 200 Push Ups – Home Workout, Men Fitness

There are over 20+ exercises with videos in this pushup app. Try yourself with this 200 push-ups ultimate challenge.

200 Push Ups Home Workout Men Fitness

There is a global leaderboard and you can challenge the whole world and reach your goals.

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5) Push Ups Workout: pushup challenge

This push-ups app has a lot of details about explanation and execution. You can follow a lot of stretching exercises. There are many tools that you can use.

Push Ups Workout pushup challenge

Challenge yourself with 100 push-ups in 30 days. You will lose weight, gain muscle, get fit, and achieve 100 push-ups in a single series.

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6) 3D Push Ups Home Workout

You can follow the 3D trainer and get fit by doing a pushup and increasing your endurance. You can take training challenges, create multiple workouts, add exercises to your workout, add breaks between exercises.

3D Push Ups Home Workout

You can just follow your 3D animated workout partner. There is also a voice announcement during workouts. You can also pause your workout anytime you need to.

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7) Pushup Perfect

With this pushup app, you can learn various types of pushups. You can also challenge yourself and set a personal goal. There is an in-app pushup counter.

Pushup Perfect

You can view a pushup from various angles such as top, isometric, front, and side. You can also view your progress.

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8) Push Ups Workout

With this pushup app there are many features such as training mode, practice mode, counts pushup repetitions using a proximity sensor in the phone.

Push Ups Workout 2

It has an automatic countdown timer for your rest between exercise sets. You can enter workout manually. It has graphics and stats and also a voice coach for constant feedback. You can beat your best and set personal records using this pushup app.

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9) 0-100 Pushups Trainer

This pushup trainer app helps you from beginning to end until you can do 100 pushups. You can get tailored fitness levels from the first-timers to veterans 3 days a week for 8 weeks.

0 100 Pushups Trainer

You can also enjoy the zen power playlist. You can get your heart pumping and adrenaline going to power through the workout and increase your performance.

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10) Push Ups Workout – Push up Challenge

You can try a lot of push-ups workout with this pushup app. There is a personal trainer for your training plan in this app. You can do personalized workouts.

Push Ups Workout Push up Challenge

You can choose which muscle you want to train. There are more than 50 exercises that you can train. You can create your routine and increase your stamina.

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