Best Top 15 Pregnancy Workout Apps (Android and iOS)

These are some of the best pregnancy workout apps that you can download and install for free.

It’s important to stay healthy when you are pregnant and to keep it.

So here are some of the best pregnancy workouts app:

1) Pregnancy Exercise and workout at home

2) Pregnancy Workouts – Safe Exercises to Stay Fit

3) Prenatal Yoga | Down Dog

4) Pregnancy Workouts at Home

5) Pregnancy Workouts at Home

6) Pregnancy Workout Program

7) Pregnancy yoga Exercises

8) Exercise During Pregnancy

9) Pregnancy Yoga Exercises – Prenatal Yoga

10) Pregnancy Workout

11) Prenatal & Postnatal Workout (iOS)

12) Baby2Body: Pregnancy Wellness (iOS)

13) Prenatal & Postpartum Workouts (iOS)

14) Exercise During Pregnancy (iOS)

15) Prenatal Yoga Pregnancy Fitness (iOS)

16) Pregnancy Workout by Trimester (Online)

17) Safe Pregnancy Workouts (Online)

18) 5 Simple Pregnancy Workouts for every Trimester (Online)

pregnancy workout app

1) Pregnancy Exercise and workout at home

Pregnur has exercises of all 3 trimesters for pregnant women. You can follow each and every step with pregnur model to stay fit and healthy and follow workouts.

Pregnancy Exercise and workout at home

You can mark your calendar and enter the date of your last period for the trimester and due date calculation. With a pregnancy calendar, you can check the formation of your baby weekly and trimester-wise with details.

With a pregnancy calculator, you can calculate your due date, conceive date, positive pregnancy test, and more. You can check the progress report for the daily and weekly progress of your exercise routines. You need to stop exercising if you have any symptoms, check out the app for more.

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2) Pregnancy Workouts – Safe Exercises to Stay Fit

With exercise, you can keep your body fit and avoid back pain, have more energy, a better body image, and post-delivery, and a faster return to pre-pregnancy shape.

Pregnancy Workouts Safe Exercises to Stay Fit

The exercises in this app are safe to do and it does not require any equipment.

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3) Prenatal Yoga | Down Dog

You can use this app to practice tailored for each trimester. You can also track your progress. With prenatal yoga, you get new prenatal yoga every time.

Prenatal Yoga Down Dog

Each workout is targeted for each trimester. It boosts and relieves your low back pain. There are pelvic floor, labor prep, and more exercises to focus on other parts of your body.

It is beginner-friendly and you can easily practice exercises. There are over 6 English-speaking voices and over 9 other languages.

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4) Pregnancy Workouts at Home

Pregnancy isn’t the time to lose weight. You have to be careful with what exercises you do when you are carrying a baby.

Pregnancy Workouts at Home

Yoga exercises are good for the mother and also the baby. You can increase your energy and mood with pregnancy exercises. With this pregnancy app, you can prepare yourself for labor and delivery.

Prenatal yoga will calm you and relieve you of stress during pregnancy.

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5) Pregnancy Workouts at Home

Prenatal yoga reduces back pain in all trimesters. You can do a perfect pregnancy workout with stretching.

Pregnancy Workouts at Home 2

There is a 20-minute prenatal yoga workout. There is also a perfect pregnancy workout for the full body. It will help your mind and also help you with proper delivery.

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6) Pregnancy Workout Program

It is important to exercise while you are pregnant. This pregnancy app has the best pregnancy workouts.

Pregnancy Workout Program

There is also a challenging 30-day prenatal workout plan. There is a prenatal workout schedule at home with exercises for beginners during pregnancy.

With this pregnancy app, you can learn to exercise, eat right, get organized, and prepare for childbirth.

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7) Pregnancy yoga Exercises

Yoga is good for pregnant women. There are many poses like seated side bend, goddess pose, easy cross leg, seated yoga pose, warrior pose, mountain pose, standing pose, and more.

Pregnancy yoga

There is a rest timer with this app. There is a calendar and it mentions all the day’s workout is done. Yoga exercises for pregnant women reduce backaches, constipation, bloating, swelling and it even prevents and treats gestational diabetes.

It increases your energy, mood, posture and promotes muscle tone, strength, endurance and helps you sleep better.

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8) Exercise During Pregnancy

This pregnancy app helps you keep your body healthy and also your baby.

Exercise During Pregnancy

This app has exercises suitable for pregnant women and you can use dumbbells, a body band (Dyna-band, or resistance band), and an exercise ball (swiss ball).

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9) Pregnancy Yoga Exercises – Prenatal Yoga

This pregnancy workout app has yoga tips for pregnant women and it prepares you for a healthy and safe delivery.

Pregnancy Yoga Exercises – Prenatal Yoga

Some of the exercises that you can do are seated yoga pose, seated side bend, goddess pose, warrior pose, easy cross leg, mountain pose, right bend pose, and left bend pose.

There are also Yoga tips for pregnant women. Some of the benefits of doing Yoga during pregnancy are improved sleep, reduced stress, increased strength, flexibility, endurance, decreased lower back pain and nausea, decreased carpal tunnel syndrome, decreased headaches, reduced risk of preterm labor, lowers the risk of intrauterine growth restriction (a condition that slows the baby’s growth).

10) Pregnancy Workout

Some of this pregnancy workout app features are it is full screen, you can bookmark your favorite tips, works offline, regular updates, and social media sharing.

Pregnancy Workout

Some of the pregnancy workouts are step-ups, side planks, leg lifts, fitness ball squats, wall pushups, v-sits with balance trainer, cat-cow pose, kneeling pelvic tilts, tailor sitting, Kegels, forward rolls, bird dog exercise, heel slides, single heel drops, side-lying knee lifts, hamstring pulses, brisk walking, sitting knee lift, plie squat pulses, full forward lunges, mermaid stretch, childs pose, and more.

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