Play 25 Pool Games on Android, iOS, and Online

If you love to play pool games on your mobile phone then we have the best games for you. You can play pool, snooker, or billiards on Android mobile phone & tablet and iPhone & iPad.

You can also play online pool without downloading anything on your Internet browser.

Here you go:

A) Android Pool Games

1) 8 Ball Pool (Android)

2) 8 Ball Blitz – Billiards Game& 8 Ball Pool in 2021 (Android)  

3) Pooking – Billiards City (Android)

4) Pool Billiards Pro (Android)

5) Pool Tour – Pocket Billiards (Android)

6) 3D Pool Ball (Android)

7) Billiard free (Android)

8) Real Snooker 3D (Android)

9) 8 Ball Pool Trickshots (Android)

10) Shooting Ball (Android)

B) iOS Pool Games

11) 8 Ball Pool™ (iPhone, iPad, and iMessage)

12) Pool (iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV)

13) Real Pool 3‪D (iPhone and iPad)

14) Kings of Poo‪l (iPhone and iPad)

15) Pool‪.‬ (iPhone and iPad)

16) Pool Ace – 8 Ball Pool Game‪s (iPhone and iPad)

17) Pool Payday: 8 Ball Billiard‪s (iPhone and iPad)

18) Billiards Pool Aren‪a (iPhone and iPad)

19) Pool Empire – 8 Ball & Snooke‪r‬ (iPhone and iPad)

20) Infinite Poo‪l (iPhone and iPad)

C) Online Pool Games

21) 8 Ball Pool (Online)

22) Free 8 Ball Pool (Online)

23) 9 Ball Pool (Online)

24) 12 Pool Games (Online)

25) 8 Ball Pool (Online)

Pool Games on Android iOS and Online

1) 8 Ball Pool (Android)

This is one of the best pool games on the Android play store. You can play with friends, legends, and more.

You can compete for 1-on-1 or in 8 player tournaments. Refine your skills in the practice arena, take on the world in 1-vs-1 matches, or enter tournaments to win trophies and exclusive cues.

8 Ball Pool

You can play for pool coins and exclusive items. Challenge your friends when you log in to your Facebook account.

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2) 8 Ball Blitz – Billiards Game& 8 Ball Pool in 2021 (Android) 

8 Ball Blitz is one of the most popular pool billiards game. Compete with global players in this multiplayer pool 8 sports game.

Play multiplayer modes 1 on 1 matches in real-time compete with 8 ball and snooker players worldwide in multiple arenas and win up to 50,000 coins.

8 Ball Blitz

In this 8 ball game, you can have a hitting experience on perfect 3D pool tables. It is an awesome pocket billiards game that you can play with thousands of people online.

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3) Pooking – Billiards City (Android)

Billiards city is a modern arcade style pool game with single player.

This pool game uses the latest technology to create the most exciting and realistic billiards simulator.


It has stunning HD graphics, fantastic playability, and ultra-realistic ball physics. It also has super smooth controls and touch-control for moving the stick.

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4) Pool Billiards Pro (Android)

There are 3 modes in this Pool Billiards Pro game. You can play against a computer or a player, time mode, and arcade mode.

This game has realistic 3D ball animation and realistic touch control for moving the stick.

There is 8 ball pool and 9 ball pool game you can play.

Pool Billiards Pro

In Time mode, you can challenge with 2 minutes limit with a high score record and practice with no time limit but no high score record.

In Online mode, you can play with real players around the world.

In Arcade mode, there are more than 180 challenging levels with no rules.

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5) Pool Tour – Pocket Billiards (Android)

You can play on beautiful billiard tables as you travel around the world in the Pool Tour.

Pool Tour

There are 100+ gorgeous billiard cues to unlock, thousands of challenging levels to beat, accurate steering that allows you to perform amazing tricks, stunning 3D ball visuals and animations, and a realistic physics engine.

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6) 3D Pool Ball (Android)

This is an authentic 3D pool game with realistic experience in 3D view.

You can compete against other real players from all around the world or enter tournaments to win trophies against skilled pool players.

This 3D pool game has impressive visuals, great animations, and more.

3D Pool Ball

Play one on one and 8 player tournaments in online 8 ball and online 9 ball.

You can play against computer AI in offline 8 ball and online 9 ball.

It has realistic physics in 2D view and 3D view.

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7) Billiard free (Android)

In the Blackball pool, there are 15 colored balls (7 red, 7 yellow, and 1 black). The goal is to pocket all balls of your color group and then the black ball.

If you pocket the black ball soon, you lose.

Billiard free

In Russian billiard, there are 15 white balls and one red. The goal is to pocket any 8 balls before your opponent.

You can play alone, versus computer, or with 2 players on one device.

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8) Real Snooker 3D (Android)

There are snooker mode and practice mode. You can play with the computer or pass & play with your friends.

Real Snooker 3D

You have 10 characters to choose from, 3 AI difficulty levels, 6 table colors, 5 table patterns, 6 cues to choose from, realistic physics, stunning 3D graphics, and relaxing music.

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9) 8 Ball Pool Trickshots (Android)

8 Ball Pool Trickshots will help you master your best billiard skills.

This is a single-player game where you progress on a tour around the world’s most iconic cities and cool landmarks.

You can experience highly realistic physics for authentic gameplay. Compete in more than 100 levels and win a lot of awesome prizes and rewards.

8 Ball Pool Trickshots

Play on a variety of exciting table designs. Show your skill and try to master all the trick shots.

Use awesome powers to level up your games and collect the best cues.

You can also play trick shots offline, there is no need for an internet connection.

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10) Shooting Ball (Android)

Shooting ball is a realistic billiard game with real physics and 3D effects.

Throughout the game you can also collect good looking billiard cues.

Shooting Ball

There are more than 1000 levels in the game that you can play with shooting ball.

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11) 8 Ball Pool™ (iPhone, iPad, and iMessage)

8 Ball Pool‪™ is from and you can play pool with your friends. You can compete in a 1 on 1 match or in an 8 player tournament.

8 Ball Pool™ iPhone iPad and iMessage

You can challenge your Facebook friends and play against them. 8 Ball Pool is also available on iMessage, just add it to your iMessage app drawer to play with your friends.

12) Pool (iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV)

You can play 8-ball pool against your friends. You need to pocket all the balls (striped or solid) and then the black ball in this game.

Pool iPhone iPad and Apple TV

The game features one or two players mode. It is compatible with both left-handed and right-handed users. It has real 3D ball animation and hints for precise aiming.

13) Real Pool 3‪D (iPhone and iPad)

Real Pool 3‪D has an 8 Ball, 9 Ball, UK 8 Ball, and Snooker games. You can play with the computer or pass and play with your friends.

Real Pool 3‪D iPhone and iPad

It has both 1 and 2 player mode with 4 different controls. There are 10 characters to choose form. The game also has 3 AI difficulty levels.

There are 10 Table colors, Table patterns, and 6 cues to choose from. The game has realistic physics with stunning 3D graphics and relaxing music.

14) Kings of Pool (iPhone and iPad)

You can play Kings of Pool in Augmented Reality (AR) 3D mode. You can play against your friends and others in multiplayer mode or challenge the AI pool bot.

Kings of Poo‪l iPhone and iPad

The game is an upgrade to the classic 8 ball and 9 ball pool game. You can start a club with your closed friends and play together. There is also a global chat as well in the game.

15) Pool‪.‬ (iPhone and iPad)

The pool is a free pool game for iPhone and iPad. It has multiplayer mode through Game Center.

Pool‪.‬ iPhone and iPad

It also has local multiplayer and single-player modes. There are 4 different game types: 8-ball, 9-ball, Killer, and Speed.

16) Pool Ace – 8 Ball Pool Game‪s (iPhone and iPad)

Pool Ace – 8 Ball Pool Game‪s has realistic physics simulation that brings excitement and thrill of the pool hall to life.

Pool Ace 8 Ball Pool Game‪s iPhone and iPad

You can play authetic 8-ball shots in this game. There are over 10,000 specially designed cues, tables, and emoticons, you can build your own pool hall.

17) Pool Payday: 8 Ball Billiard‪s (iPhone and iPad)

You can play Live pool matches and win real cash and prizes. You can play in realtime, turn by turn in multiplayer mode. There are online tournaments that you can play in.

Pool Payday 8 Ball Billiard‪s iPhone and iPad

Rack up points with trick shots easily in this advanced physics sports game. Cash prizes are redeemable via Paypal, Apple Pay, and more. Play with caution.

18) Billiards Pool Arena (iPhone and iPad)

Billiards Pool Arena is a Multiplayer 8 ball pool game. It has realistic physics and easy user controls.

Billiards Pool Aren‪a iPhone and iPad

You can practice against the computer, play as a guest with random players, play with 8 participants in tournaments, and play with friends searching by their name or ID.

19) Pool Empire – 8 Ball & Snooker‬ (iPhone and iPad)

There are different modes in this pool game such as 1vs1, story mode, 14-1 mode, and tournament.

Pool Empire 8 Ball Snooke‪r‬ iPhone and iPad

You can challenge your friends anytime, anywhere. The game has high quality graphics & Physics and real side spin effects.

20) Infinite Pool (iPhone and iPad)

Infinite Pool is a fun Pool game and you just need to aim, shoot, and sink balls before you run out of shots.

Infinite Poo‪l iPhone and iPad

It has a one-finger pull and a release control with challenging missions, exciting levels, and cute & weird balls to sink.

21) 8 Ball Pool (Online)

8 Ball Pool from is one of the biggest and the best multiplayer pool games on the Internet.

8 Ball Pool Online

You can play billiards against other players, friends in 1-on-1 matches. Enter tournaments and win big prizes. You can customize cues and clothes in the pool shop.

14) Free 8 Ball Pool (Online)

Free 8 Ball Pool Online

8 Ball Pool game from Arkadium has 3 options to choose from: easy, medium, and hard. You need to pocket all the 7 balls first and then the black ball into the pocket you choose.

23) 9 Ball Pool (Online)

9 Ball Pool Online

You have to pocket all the 9 balls before your opponent does. The ball you hit first with the cue ball must always be the lowest number on the table.

24) 12 Pool Games (Online)

12 Pool Games Online

There are 12 Pool games on and they are 8 Ball Billiards Classic, 8 Ball Pool, Pool 8, Pool Club, Billiards Pool 8, Rack’Em, Shaun The Sheep: Pool,, 8 Ball Pool (multiplayer), Mafia Billiard Tricks, Speed Pool King, and billiard Masters.

25) 8 Ball Pool (Online)

You just need to aim your Billiard cue and drag and release to set your shot power.

8 Ball Pool Online 2

You should not pot the cue ball, fail to hit a ball with the cue ball, failing to hit one of your balls with the cue ball, and failing to pocket your ball or strike a side of the table with either ball.

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