Best Top 11 PDF Reader Apps for Android, iOS, and Online

It’s important to have a PDF reader/viewer on your Android mobile phone or tablet.

You can read all the important PDF files, eBooks, and documents with it.

Here are some of the best PDF reader apps for Android:

1) Adobe Acrobat Reader: PDF Viewer, Editor & Creator

2) PDF Reader

3) Google PDF Viewer

4) PDF Reader – PDF Viewer

5) PDF Reader 2021 – PDF Viewer, Scanner & Converter

6) Simple PDF Reader 2020

7) Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF Maker (iOS)

8) Foxit PDF Reader Mobile (iOS)

9) 10 PDF Reader (iOS)

10) Small PDF (Online)

11) Soda PDF (Online)

PDF Reader

1) Adobe Acrobat Reader: PDF Viewer, Editor & Creator

With Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile app you can unlock your documents and use the power of PDF, anywhere.

You can store your files online and read PDF files anywhere, free PDF reader, and file manager.

Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF Viewer Editor Creator

You can also view, share, annotate, and add e-signatures to PDF documents.

With Adobe PDF reader you can view and print PDFs, read PDFs more easily, share PDFs and collaborate, annotate PDFs, edit PDFs, Fill and sign forms, store and manage files, connect to Google Drive, work with scanned documents, and do much more.

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2) PDF Reader

It is a tiny (2.3MB) PDF viewer. You can read PDF files and ebooks as well as documents. You can list all the PDF files stored on your phone.

PDF Reader 1

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3) Google PDF Viewer

You can view PDF files directly in Google Drive. This is a standalone Google PDF viewer app for you.

Google PDF Viewer

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4) PDF Reader – PDF Viewer

It is an easy to use PDF viewer. You can easily read PDF files with just one tap.

It is convenient for reading books and documents. You can bookmark your documents by pinning them.

PDF Reader PDF Viewer

There is a dark mode that you can enable and it is easier to read at night times. You can customize easily and choose your favorite colors.

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5) PDF Reader 2021 – PDF Viewer, Scanner & Converter

This is an all in one PDF reader with a recent and favorite list. You can quickly access the PDF reader on the menu.

You can search within the PDF files. It has a fast engine and smooth navigation.

PDF Reader 2021

You can open PDF files from file managers or directly from other apps. You can scroll, zoom in, and out with this PDF reader. Print files directly from your mobile phone.

You can also extract all the images in the PDF document and save them in a folder. You can also underline, highlight, and strikeout text.

You can also add circles, arrows, lines, type on PDF files, add text, bookmark PDF, export & Backup PDF files with this free app.

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6) Simple PDF Reader 2020

This is a simple and fast PDF reader. You can go to any page number, list all PDF files, efficient file search, access recent files in a grid view, and has many more settings.

Simple PDF Reader 2020

It also has fast page scrolling, vertical and horizontal. You can view page count and total pages count.

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