Top 23 Best Internet Browser Apps for Android, iOS, and Online

These are some of the best Internet browser apps for Android for you. You can browse any websites you want, watch any videos and pictures, and play any browser-based games with these.

You can download all these Internet browser apps for free from the play store and install them on your android phone.

Here they are:

1) Firefox Lite- Fast, Lightweight, and Secure Browser

2) Puffin TV Browser

3) Leopard Web Browser & Web Explorer

4) Opera Mini – fast web browser

5) Google Chrome: Fast & Secure

6) Brave Private Browser: Fast, secure web browser

7) DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

8) Phoenix Browser -Video Download, Private & Fast

9) Microsoft Edge: Web Browser

10) Dolphin Browser – Fast, Private & Adblock

11) Google Chrome (iOS)

12) Firefox: Private, Safe Browser (iOS)

13) DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser (iOS)

14) Microsoft Edge: Web Browser (iOS)

15) Brave Private Browser & VPN (iOS)

16) Opera Touch web browser (iOS)

17) UC Browser (iOS)

18) Maxthon Cloud Web Browser (iOS)

19) Google Chrome (Online)

20) Firefox (Online)

21) Brave Browser (Online)

22) Microsoft Edge (Online)

23) Opera (Online)

Android Internet browser apps

1) Firefox Lite- Fast, Lightweight, and Secure Browser

Mozilla Firefox lite browser is one of the most popular apps. There is turbo mode to browse the internet at lightning speed. There is an awesome bar that you can use to search intelligently from the browser.

Firefox Lite Fast Lightweight and Secure Browser

You can customize your home screen and change themes, pin top sites, and more.

It is a lightweight browser that is only 7MB in APK. With advanced private browsing, you can browse without leaving any trace behind. No history of URLs or passwords is recorded. You can also check how many trackers are blocked in the private mode.

You can also block images whenever you need to save data. You can screenshot the whole page easily with Firefox lite. There is also night mode to protect your eyes in the dark.

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2) Puffin Android TV Browser

Puffin Browser is a fast browser with incredible page load and rendering speed. It is optimized for video playback on your Android TV for video watching, music listening, and page browsing.

Puffin TV Browser

It is easy to add your own channel and you can share the URL to the Puffin TV browser from any device.

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3) Leopard Web Browser & Web Explorer

It is a fast, simple, and private browser app. It has a simple interface and you can browse in HD quality. It is a no-trace browser and it has a night mode.

Web Browser Web

It is based on the Android WebKit engine and it has tabbed browsing. It also has an incognito mode for private browsing.

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4) Opera Mini – fast web browser

Opera mini browser is a fast browser in which you can save data and block ads as well. You can also share files via the browser. You can also find and save downloadable media with one click with smart downloads.

Opera Mini fast web browser

There are customizable shortcuts, themes, and interface for personal use.

With smartbrowsing you can save data of up to 90%.

5) Google Chrome: Fast & Secure

Chrome internet browser is from Google. It is one of the best mobile internet browsers.

Google Chrome Fast Secure

You can browse fast and type less with instant searches. You can sync chrome across devices and also use incognito browsing.

With Google safe browsing you can protect your phone. You can use Google voice search to search for anything you like without typing.

You can save up to 60% of the data by turning on the lite mode. You can also get translate any website into the language of your choice with just one tap.

6) Brave Private Browser: Fast, secure web browser

Brave browser is a fast, safe, and private browser. Your personal data is protected with security. You can browse up to 8 times faster on Brave browser.

Brave Private Browser Fast secure web browser

You can also block battery-draining software. The brave private browser is built-in with an adblocker and popup blocker for your browsing pleasure.

7) DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

You can search anonymously and browse privately with the DuckDuckGo browser app.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

It automatically uses HTTPS everywhere and has smarter encryption. It also blocks millions of trackers online. You can pick your theme, light, or dark mode.

8) Phoenix Browser -Video Download, Private & Fast

Phoenix browser has a video downloader and you can use it to download videos from social websites. There is an ad blocker in-built into the browser.

Phoenix Browser Video Download Private Fast

There is a super file manager to manage files of all formats. You can save and share WhatsApp status in an easy way with status saver. The browser also supports fast downloading.

9) Microsoft Edge: Web Browser

If you are looking for speed, performance, and compatibility then the Microsoft Edge browser is the one for you. You can collect and organize on the go with more privacy and more control.

Microsoft Edge Web Browser

You can browse InPrivate for accessing websites in incognito mode. You can personalize your browsing experience and earn rewards while you search.

10) Dolphin Browser – Fast, Private & Adblock

Some of the features of the Dolphin browser are that it has a flash player, HTML5 video player, adblocker, bookmarks & addons sidebar, gestures, and plenty of themes and add-ons to choose from.

Dolphin Browser Fast Private Adblock

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