Play Top 13 Hockey Games on Android, iOS, and Online (2021)

If you enjoy playing Hockey or watching it, then you will love these awesome free hockey games for Android, iOS, and Online.

You can download and install these free Hockey games on your Android mobile phone & tablet, iPhone & iPad, and enjoy.

You can also play Online Hockey Games on your Internet browser from any Operating system like Windows, Mac, Linux, and more.

Here you go:

A) Android Hockey Games

1) Field Hockey Cup 2021: Play Free Hockey Games (Android)

2) Hockey All-Stars (Android)

3) Glow Hockey (Android)

4) Ice Hockey 3D (Android)

5) Hockey Stars (Android)

6) Air Hockey Challenge (Android)

7) Field Hockey Champ – World Series (Android)

8) Ice Hockey Floor-ball Sports Floor Hockey Game (Android)

9) NOX Air Hockey: Ice Cup 2015 HD (Android)

10) Neon Hockey (Android)

B) iOS Hockey Games

11) Hockey All Star‪s (iPhone and iPad)

12) Hockey Showdow‪n (iPhone and iPad)

13) Air Hockey Wear – Watch Gam‪e (iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch)

14) Hockey Nations 1‪8 (iPhone and iPad)

15) Hockey Star‪s (iPhone and iPad)

16) Brutal Hocke‪y‬ (iPhone and iPad)

17) Glow Hockey 2‪L‬ (iPhone)

18) CBS Franchise Hockey 202‪1 (iPhone and iPad)

19) Hockey MV‪P (iPhone and iPad)

20) Blocky Hocke‪y (iPhone and iPad)

21) Big Win Hockey 202‪0 (iPhone and iPad)

22) Rumble Hocke‪y‬ (iPhone and iPad)

C) Online Hockey Games

23) Hockey Hero (Online)

24) 5 Hockey Games (Online)

25) 6 Hockey Games (Online)

Hockey Games on Android iOS and Online

1) Field Hockey Cup 2021: Play Free Hockey Games (Android)

Field Hockey Cup 2021 has World legends and hockey stars tournament.

It has the most innovative gameplay ever in Android Hockey apps.

Field Hockey Cup 2021

You can select and play a time-based hockey tournament match. Choose your favorite teams, player kits, hockey bat, and balls to play.

There is free play, penalties, challenges, and hockey cup gameplay mode. You can also select multiple hockey stadiums with different crowds.

You can choose various hitting and passing styles and the game also has professional hockey match commentary like on TV.

This Hockey game has all the top International field hockey teams. It also has stunning camera work for a great experience.

This Hockey game also has realistic 3D graphics and amazing sound effects including crowd & cheerleader animations.

You can use smooth swipe touch controls to experience your best gameplay.

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2) Hockey All-Stars (Android)

If you like Ice Hockey then you will love this game. It has an all-new online league battle mode.

You can create your own Hockey franchise, build a team of All-Star Players, and compete with the best teams from around the world.

Hockey All Stars

You can play other players in the weekly online league.

It is fast-paced full simulation gameplay, you can train your players, dominate ice across multiple seasons, and improve your team by collecting player cards.

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3) Glow Hockey (Android)

Glow Hockey is a new style of the hockey game. Challenge yourself with the computer.

It has a 2 player mode on the same device. The game has 3 themes that you can choose from with colorful glow graphics.

It has smooth and responsive gameplay with realistic game physics.

Glow Hockey

It also has a quick gameplay mode and you can challenge yourself with 4 difficulty levels.

You can choose through 4 selectable paddles and pucks and it vibrates when you make a goal.

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4) Ice Hockey 3D (Android)

This is a fun Ice Hockey game and it is simple & classic.

Ice Hockey 3D has fast-paced gameplay, smooth animations, stunning visuals, fluid controls, and insane actions.

If you love NHL you will love Ice Hockey 3D.

Ice Hockey 3D

You can customize your team with over 20+ uniforms. Boost your players’ shooting, passing, and skating skills in the dressing room. It has smooth, responsive gameplay and realistic physics.

You can either play a quick play or championship (cup, tour, shootout). It also has a mini-game air hockey included.

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5) Hockey Stars (Android)

Hockey Stars is a multiplayer Ice Hockey game. You can play with your friends and collect all the teams.

You can also challenge players from around the world and play in different cities.

Hockey Stars

Win tournaments and unlock tons of teams and unique powers and styles. You can represent your country or choose from a huge selection of teams, each with unique designs and powers.

There are 4 arenas to play in and over 80+ teams to unlock. You can also unlock new formations to boost your game.

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6) Air Hockey Challenge (Android)

There are 4 different levels, easy, normal, hard, and very hard in this Air Hockey game.

Air Hockey Challenge

It has an offline versus mode where 2 players can play on 1 device. There are tons of stages with various maps and obstacles.

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7) Field Hockey Champ – World Series (Android)

Become a field hockey champion and choose your favorite team. You can dribble the ball across lanes and break enemy defense.

You can also play tournaments and be a champion. It has national teams such as India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, Argentina, and Germany.

Field Hockey Champ

You can start tournaments with group stages or enter in the knockout stage, win the final and win the trophy.

It has friendly matches, Champions Trophy, Sultan Ajilan Shash cup, World Hockey League, Olympics, and Hockey World Cup where you can dribble, dodge, and score.

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8) Ice Hockey Floor-ball Sports Floor Hockey Game (Android)

Ice Hockey is very popular in Canada, the USA, Central & Eastern Europe, the Nordic countries, Russia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, and more countries.

This game has hyper-casual gameplay, splendid graphics, incredible goal hit, and crazy actions.

Ice Hockey Floor ball

You need to catch the goals as a goalie or hit he puck into the goal and score.

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9) NOX Air Hockey: Ice Cup 2015 HD (Android)

Sharpen your skates, put on your jersey, and grab your Hockey stick for fun Ice Hockey fun.

NOX Air Hockey

The game has polished art and great visual effects, balanced difficulty, silky-smooth gameplay, and two-player multiplayer on a single device.

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10) Neon Hockey (Android)

Neon Hockey is fast-paced full simulation gameplay. It has realistic game physics and colorful glow visuals.

Neon Hockey

It is simple to play but hard to master. It also has 3 modes, tournament, single-player, and two players.

It has 4 difficulty levels from beginner to expert. It has dozens of arena skins including various pucks, strikers, and tables.

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11) Hockey All Star‪s (iPhone and iPad)

Hockey All-Stars is a full-on hockey game for your iPhone and iPad. It is a fast-paced game where you can create a franchise, build your own team, play weekly online league, and have fun.

Hockey All Star‪s iPhone and iPad

You can build your own hockey arena as your team climbs up the ladder. You can train your players to create a team of all-stars. The game can be played in multiple seasons.

12) Hockey Showdown (iPhone and iPad)

In Hockey Showdown, you can play in online tournaments or compete in single-player mode. With your winnings, you can unlock unique sticks, gloves, and more upgrades.

Hockey Showdow‪n iPhone and iPad

It has hyper-realistic graphics and a great multiplayer mode. There are 3 different game modes: season, playoffs, and exhibition. It also has a PhysKick™ engine for unparalleled control.

13) Air Hockey Wear – Watch Game (iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch)

Air Hockey Wear is the number 1 air hockey game for Apple Watch. You need to use the digital crown wheel to move horizontally and touch the screen to attack.

Air Hockey Wear Watch Game iPhone iPad and Apple Watch

On iPhone, you can just swipe across the screen to move and score 7 goals to win.

14) Hockey Nations 1‪8 (iPhone and iPad)

You can play 7 thrilling tournaments in Hockey Nations 18 game. There are 50 intense challenges that you can face and win the games.

Hockey Nations 1‪8 iPhone and iPad

Six club teams from USA, CANADA and RUSSIA battle it out in a 3 on 3 super series. Choose from 40 North American Teams, 27 Russian League Teams, 19 International Teams or 2 All-Star teams. There are over 80 teams at club and international level. You can also join in Live games and compete againt other players.

15) Hockey Star‪s (iPhone and iPad)

Hockey Stars is an online multiplayer game from You can play in 4 different arenas and compete against other players across the world in the multiplayer mode.

Hockey Star‪s iPhone and iPad

There are 80+ teams to unlock that have unique designs and power. You can boost your game by unlocking new formations.

16) Brutal Hockey‬ (iPhone and iPad)

With the Brutal Hockey game, you can play in the latest season of over 45 tournaments. There is also an endless mode to master brutal skills.

Brutal Hocke‪y‬ iPhone and iPad

You get power-ups for each match. There are 5 factions in this hockey game: Battling Boars, Mighty Eagles, Power Sharks, Wolf Pack, and Unicorn Squad.

17) Glow Hockey 2‪L‬ (iPhone)

You can challenge your friends (same device) or play with the computer in Glow Hockey 2L. The game has got beautiful colorful glow graphics.

Glow Hockey 2‪L‬ iPhone

It has smooth and responsive gameplay with realistic physics. You can select the pucks and paddles. There are 4 difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard, and insane.

18) CBS Franchise Hockey 202‪1 (iPhone and iPad)

CBS Franchise Hockey 202‪1 is one of the best Hockey manager game. You can build a dynasty with a squad of All-Stars and Hall-of-Famers.

CBS Franchise Hockey 202‪1 iPhone and iPad

You can play full seasons, exhibitions, pro games, and showdowns. You can Collect Special Edition, Limited Edition, and Legend versions of your favorite players to unlock their Ultimate Players.

19) Hockey MV‪P (iPhone and iPad)

Hockey MVP has 4 games and 16 national teams: Finland, Sweden, Russia, Canada, USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovakia, Norway, Latvia, Denmark, Belarus, France, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.

Hockey MV‪P iPhone and iPad

You can compete against other players in daily tournaments. You can earn coins, points, and pro equipment. You can control the shooter and goalie at the same period. There is also World Championship mode that you can play.

20) Blocky Hocke‪y (iPhone and iPad)

Blocky Hocke‪y iPhone and iPad

With Blocky Hockey, you can get into brawls and score goals to win the Hockey Cup. You can also build your team with over 50 characters.

21) Big Win Hockey 202‪0 (iPhone and iPad)

You can create and make your own dream team with the Big Win Hockey 2020 game. Compete against players from around the world.

Big Win Hockey 202‪0 iPhone and iPad

You can customize the whole team and the players. You can boost your player’s passing, shooting, skating, and other skills.

22) Rumble Hockey‬ (iPhone and iPad)

Rumble Hockey is a real-time multiplayer hockey game. You can unlock new cards and shoot epic combos.

Rumble Hocke‪y‬ iPhone and iPad

It has unique physics-based gameplay and you can progress through the divisions and leagues all the way to the top.

23) Hockey Hero (Online)

You can choose your hero and compete against 3 fierce opponents in Hockey Hero online game.

Hockey Hero Online

You can use your winnings to level up your Hockey hero and play again.

24) 5 Hockey Games (Online)

5 Hockey Games Online has 5 Hockey games for you. They are, 3D Air Hockey, Pocket Hockey, Battle Disc, and Hockey Stars.

25) 6 Hockey Games (Online)

6 Hockey Games Online has 6 Hockey games and they are, NHL Hockey, Ice Hockey Shootout, Power Play, Pro Hockey, and Puck Position.

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