Play Top 20 Hangman Games on Android, iOS, and Online (2021)

If you love playing Hangman then we have the best Hangman games for you to play on your mobile phone and tablet.

You can download and install these free Hangman games on your Android, iOS, iPad, and tablet devices. You can also play online Hangman games on Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and on any popular Internet browser.

Here you go:

A) Android Hangman Games

1) Hangman (Android)

2) Hangman Free (Android)

3) Hangman with hints! (Android)

4) Hangman Free (Android)

5) Hangman (Android)

6) Hangman (Android)

7) Hangman Classic Free (Android)

8) Hangman Master (Android)

9) Hangman Classic (Android)

10) Hangman Multiplayer – Online Word Game (Android)

B) iOS Hangman Games

11) Hangman (iPhone)

12) Hangman – Guess Word‪s (iPad and iPhone)

13) Hangman Premiu‪m (iPad and iPhone)

14) Hangman Multiplayer Newspape‪r (iPad and iPhone)

15) Ultimate Hangman G‪o (iPad and iPhone)

16) Hangman – Best Word Guessing Gam‪e (iPad and iPhone)

C) Online Hangman Games

17) Hangman Words (online)

18) Hangman (online)

19) Hangman word game (Online)

20) Word Search Hangman (Online)

Hangman Games on Android iOS and Online

1) Hangman (Android)

This Hangman game is available in different languages such as Spanish ahorcado, English hangman, Portuguese Jogo da forca, French le pendu, Italian l’impiccato, and many more.

You can learn new words, practice language skills and vocabulary with Hangman.

For each mistake you make the figure of stickman is reduced, first the gallows, then the head, the body, and, finally the arms and legs.


Always use the vowels first because it increases the chance of finding the hidden letter.

There are hundreds of words and levels that you can play. It is ideal for all ages, including kids, adults, and seniors.

You can play with your friends or family because this game supports 2 player mode.

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2) Hangman Free (Android)

With this Hangman game for Android you can choose words from over 26 categories such as food, games, harry potter, influential people, jobs, kitchen, landmarks, marvel and DC, movies, brands, movie characters, cars, cities, and more.

Hangman Free

It is suitable for all ages and there are thousands of words to guess.

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3) Hangman with hints! (Android)

There are single-player modes as well as the two-player mode in this Hangman game.

There are leaderboards, skins, and the game is suitable for all ages. There are thousands of words to guess and you can learn something new with the Wikipedia feature.

Hangman with hints

There are over 26 categories such as a dictionary, sport, countries, music, TV shows, cartoons, school, brands, and many more.

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4) Hangman Free (Android)

This Hangman game has good graphics and gameplay that will challenge you for hours.

It has realistic sound effects with awesome graphics. You can play single player or two-player.

Hangman Free 1

Some of the word categories include easy, standard, hard, animals, food, geography, holidays, SAT, TOEFL, and more.

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5) Hangman (Android)

There are 3 game modes in this Hangman game, Adventure, custom game, and two players.

In Adventure, you have to solve series of words to advance the level.

In a Custom game, you are allowed to play and practice in the categories you want.


In Two player, you can play with your friend and you get to write the hidden word.

This game has a beautiful and simple user interface and it works in portrait and landscape mode. It is compatible with tablets as well.

This game includes more than thousand words in more than 30 categories.

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6) Hangman (Android)

You get 3 hints with them, so you can use it while you are stuck.

This game works offline and it syncs between devices, so you can play on your mobile phone and also tablet.

There are more than 3000 words to guess and also there are 50 medals and 6 unique trophies to be won.


It also comes in 12 languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Czech, Ukrainian, Hungarian, and Slovak.

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7) Hangman Classic Free (Android)

If you play well you can earn diamonds and also it helps you reveal the letters. You get 10 chances to guess the correct letters.

There are 3 levels, easy has categories such as animal, color, fruit, month, number, season, transport, and weekday.

Medium has Animals, Car, fruits, movie.

Hangman classic

In hard, you can play animal, capital, car, cartoon, country, fruit, movie, music artist.

Hangman is available in English and Swedish languages.

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8) Hangman Master (Android)

There are over 5000 secret words for you to guess and have fun playing Hangman.

There are more than 150 categories such as daily life, health & body, lifestyle, entertainment, nature, Science & technology, sports, and many more.

There are four levels of difficulty that you can choose from and have fun with, such as easy, medium, hard, and extreme.

Hangman Master

This Hangman comes in many languages such as American English, British English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Afrikaans.

You can check your scores on the leaderboard and compete against people from all over the world.

It has great graphics with funny animations, you can also share your progress on Facebook.

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9) Hangman Classic (Android)

Hangman is one of the best educational games and it’s also fun to play on your mobile phone and tablet.

You need to uncover the hidden word with six guesses before you get hanged.


This game has a minimal design following paper and pen design. You get hints during the gameplay. It also includes thousands of words.

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10) Hangman Multiplayer – Online Word Game (Android)

You need to know 3 words consecutively to complete the level. You get 5 points for each correct word.

Hangman multiplayer

There are 100 levels of Hangman that you can play. There is a chat function with this game, so you can chat with your opponent while playing.

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11) Hangman (iPhone)

Hangman iPhone

Test your vocabulary skills with this iOS Hangman. Some of the categories include easy, standard, hard, animals, food, geography, holidays, SAT, TOEFL words, and more.

12) Hangman – Guess Word‪s (iPad and iPhone)

This Hangman games is available in different languages: Ahorcado, Galgenmännchen, Hangman, Le Pendu, Algojo, L’impiccato, Jogo da Forca, and Виселица.

Hangman Guess Word‪s iPad and iPhone

Use the vowels (a, e, i, o, and,u) first when you are guessing the word. This game has hundreds of words and levels.

13) Hangman Premiu‪m (iPad and iPhone)

There are over 10,500 hand-picked words to guess in this Hangman game. It also has 7 beautiful themes: classic, cowboy, pirate, businessman, monster, stewardess and geek.

Hangman Premiu‪m iPad and iPhone

There are 8 difficulty levels and 5 different lifelines to help you guess words. This game is available in 3 different languages: English (British and American mix), French, and Spanish.

14) Hangman Multiplayer Newspaper (iPad and iPhone)

This Hangman game has single and multiplayer modes. It has over 21 English words categories.

Hangman Multiplayer Newspaper iPad and iPhone

The puzzles are randomly generated from online newspaper sentences. You can bookmark words with dictionary access. Some of the word categories include Beginner, advanced, colors, body, SAT, IELTS, GRE, Science, Math, and more.

15) Ultimate Hangman G‪o (iPad and iPhone)

This Hangman game has 4 different themes to choose from. It has over 73-word categories including 7 random modes with advanced engine to avoid repeats.

Ultimate Hangman G‪o iPad and iPhone

It has both single and 2 player modes. In 2 player mode, you can enter a word and let your friends guess it.

16) Hangman – Best Word Guessing Game (iPad and iPhone)

Hangman Best Word Guessing Game iPad and iPhone

This Hangman game has different word categories such as movies, sports, countries, TV shows, brands, capitals, and random mode.

17) Hangman Words (online)

Hangman words online

This online Hangman game has many categories such as Hard words, music, funny words, ages 5 to 12, Spanish, Christmas, Halloween, and more. You can create your own game if you wish to as well.

18) Hangman (online)

Hangman online

This online Hangman game gives you random words in different categories. You can choose the difficulty level as easy, medium, or hard.

19) Hangman word game (Online)

Hangman word game Online

In this online Hangman game you can play with friends or random opponents. You can play single player timed (2 minutes) or single player untimed (no time limit).

20) Word Search Hangman (Online)

You can turn on the sound fx and also choose from 2 different background color in this online Hangman game.

Word Search Hangman Online

Some of the categories include famous people, movies, countries & cities, TV shows, dictionary words, characters, kids, and a mix of all themes.

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