Best Top 22 Facebook Apps for Android and iOS

Here are all the Facebook apps available for free download and install.

These are the several Facebook apps that you can download: Facebook, Facebook Lite, Messenger, Messenger Lite, Facebook Local, Facebook Gaming, Facebook Business, Facebook Ads Manager, Workplace from Facebook, Facebook Analytics, Creator Studio, Messenger Kids, and Workplace Chat.

Here they are:

1) Facebook

2) Facebook Lite

3) Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free

4) Messenger Lite: Free Calls & Messages

5) Facebook Local

6) Facebook Gaming: Watch, Play, and Connect

7) Facebook Business Suite

8) Facebook Ads Manager

9) Workplace from Facebook

10) Facebook Analytics

11) Creator Studio

12) Messenger Kids – The Messaging App for Kids

13) Workplace Chat

14) Facebook (iOS)

15) Messenger (iOS)

16) Facebook Lite (iOS)

17) Facebook Business Suite (iOS)

18) Creator Studio from Facebook (iOS)

19) Workplace Chat (iOS)

20) Facebook Ads Manager (iOS)

21) Facebook Gaming (iOS)

22) Facebook Analytics (iOS)

23) Facebook (Online)

24) Facebook Touch (Online)

Facebook Apps

1) Facebook

This is the official Facebook app.


You can connect with your friends, family, business, and much more. You can update your status.

You can share photos, videos, memories, and much more.

You can watch live videos from your friends, family, and other people. It is the number one social app in the world.

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2) Facebook Lite

It is a smaller app than the official Facebook app. It saves data, it is fast, and it works on all networks.

Facebook Lite

You can stay connected with the entire world with Facebook lite in a faster and easier way. It is very useful on slower connections or anyone who likes to save their 3G, 4G data.

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3) Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free

Facebook Messenger is a fun and new way to hang out. You can opt in to send messages that disappear.


You can watch videos with your friends using Watch together. Invite anyone to your Facebook room with a link. You can customize your chats with fun themes. You can run polls.

You can secure your chats in your privacy settings. There is an option to connect to Businesses as well.

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4) Messenger Lite: Free Calls & Messages

This is the Lite version of the official Facebook messenger app. It has free messaging, free calls, video chat, Group chat, stickers, see the status of your friends, and also find people.

Messenger Lite

Facebook Lite app is just 10MB in size. It uses lesser data and it works everywhere with an unstable connection.

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5) Facebook Local

Facebook Local is your go-to app to discover places and events. You can see recommendations from your friends.

Facebook Local

You can find events and activities happening near you.

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6) Facebook Gaming: Watch, Play, and Connect

You can discover a lot of gaming content that’s personalized to you. You can connect with gaming creators, go live, and find your community.

Facebook Gaming

You can play games with your loved ones with Facebook Gaming. You can find a lot of game streaming, esports, and gaming’s top publishers on the platform.

You can play games instantly without downloading anything. There are gaming groups for everyone.

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7) Facebook Business Suite

This Facebook Business Suite (formerly Pages Manager App), you can access and manage the tools your business needs.

Facebook Business Suite

You can create, schedule, and manage posts from a single app. You can see all messages, comments, and activity so you can easily respond to customers.

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8) Facebook Ads Manager

With Facebook Ads you can easily manage your ads, stay informed about how your ads are performing in real-time. You can design ads using templates and creative tools.

Facebook Ads Manager

You can also grow your business and improve campaigns with analytics and recommendations. You can reach your ideal audience wherever you are.

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9) Workplace from Facebook

Facebook Workplace is a communication tool that connects everyone in your company. It works even if you are working remotely.

Workplace from Facebook

You can use features such as Groups, Chat, and video calls to get people talking and working together.

You can also be productive by integrating apps from Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, and more.

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10) Facebook Analytics

You can easily track your growth, engagement, and monetization efforts with the companion app to the Facebook Analytics web product.

Facebook Analytics

You can see conversion rates and other important metrics and reports for all your properties such as the app, website, Facebook page, and Instagram profile.

You can see the metrics you care about, view, and create reports on the go. You can also stay up to date with relevant insights. You can also get alerts when anything important changes.

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11) Creator Studio

You can schedule, analyze, and monetize your videos with a host of tools designed for you.

Creator Studio

There is a robust content library, customizable videos, detailed video insights, flexible scheduling, track video engagement, and do much more.

You can manage and access your page’s content from anywhere, anytime. You can manage your posts and view published and scheduled posts or publish drafted posts. You can edit your posts, check your insights, communicate on the go, and get notified of key events that happen in real-time.

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12) Messenger Kids – The Messaging App for Kids

Facebook Messenger for kids is made for kids and controlled by parents. You can have fun with video chats with masks. You can say a lot with stickers.

Messenger Kids

There is a parent dashboard to manage your kid’s contact list, monitor messages, and much more.

There are also fun filters, stickers, GIFs, emojis, drawing tools, and more. There is no need for a phone number to use Facebook Messenger for Kids.

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13) Workplace Chat

With Workplace chat, you can keep in touch with your coworkers, wherever you are. You can chat one on one or in groups. You can make voice and video calls.

Workplace Chat

You can share photos and videos of your work. You can also express yourself with stickers and GIFs.

You can turn on ‘Do Not Disturb’ when you’re busy or away from work. This is a great app to balance your professional and personal life easily on Facebook.

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