Best Top 8 English to Spanish Dictionary Apps for Android, iOS, and Online

If you are looking for an English to Spanish dictionary app then check out this post.

You can download and install these dictionary apps for free and use them on your Android mobile phone and tablet.

Here they are:

1) Spanish – English : Dictionary & Education

2) English To Spanish Dictionary Offline

3) English Spanish Dictionary

4) English-Spanish and Spanish-English dictionary

5) Spanish English Dictionary

6) Oxford Spanish Dictionary

7) SpanishDict Translator (iOS)

8) Spanish Dictionary + (iOS)

9) Spanish Dictionary (Online)

10) Collins English-Spanish Dictionary (Online)

11) Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary (Online)

English to Spanish Dictionary Apps

1) Spanish – English : Dictionary & Education

You can use this dictionary app if you are trying to learn Spanish. This is a quick dictionary with effective translation, irregular verbs, frequently used phrase sentences, tests, games, and more.

Spanish English

This has everything for you to learn Spanish quickly and easily. It doesn’t need an Internet connection because it works offline.

There are hundreds and thousands of words and sentences that you can reference in the database. You can even make voice calls with the Speech recognition feature.

It sorts the meanings of the words according to the frequency of its usage.

There are over 130,000 English to Spanish words and phrases. And there are 102,000 Spanish to English words and phrases.

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2) English To Spanish Dictionary Offline

It has a Spanish offline dictionary with more than 200,000 words in it. You can translate Spanish words into any language you want.

English To Spanish Dictionary

You can add your favorite words in the app. There is also unlimited quiz words to play. You can see the history of your words when you search for something.

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3) English Spanish Dictionary

It has both English to Spanish and Spanish to English dictionary. There is no need for an Internet connection.

English Spanish Dictionary

There is autosuggestion as you type for a word. You can use voice search as well. There are synonyms and antonyms for each word.

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4) English-Spanish and Spanish-English dictionary

This dictionary has over 110,000 words. You can bookmark and favorite your words. You can also add notes to a word, so you can remember it easily.

English spanish

There is a random word button that you can use. There is suffix, prefix, voice recognition, night mode, change text size, and do more.

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5) Spanish English Dictionary

It is a free dictionary with a phrasebook, verb conjugator, vocabulary quiz, flashcards, translator, and more.

Spanish English Dictionary

It even has audio pronunciation for words. There are over 466,000 words in the dictionary. The phrasebook has over 20 categories such as conversation, asking for directions, and making friends.

There are over 6419 verbs and an online phrase translator. It also has flashcards, dictionary favorites, single index search for fast lookup.

It has multiple-choice vocabulary quizzes and lookup history. The dictionary entries include translations, usage examples, part of speech, and gender for Spanish nouns. It has text to speech pronunciation. You can even add notes, words, and images to the dictionary.

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6) Oxford Spanish Dictionary

This dictionary has the latest 2019 database of words and expressions from the Oxford University Press.

Oxford Spanish Dictionary

It has over 300,000 words and phrases. And more than half a million translations. It is packed with grammatical and usage information for both languages.

Some of the other features include search autocomplete, keyword lookup, fuzzy filter, camera search, voice search, tap to translate in other apps, and more.

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