Best Top 7 English Dutch Dictionary Apps for Android, iOS, and Online

If you are learning Dutch or English then you can use any of these English Dutch dictionary apps.

You can download these apps for free and install them on your Android mobile phone or your tablets.

Here they are:

1) Dutch-English Dictionary

2) English Dutch Dictionary

3) Dutch English Dictionary & Translator Free

4) English To Dutch Dictionary Offline

5) Dutch – English Translator

6) Dutch English Dictionary Pro (iOS)

7) Dutch Dictionary & Thesaurus (iOS)

8) Cambridge Dutch-English Dictionary (Online)

9) Linguee (Online)

10) LexiLogos (Online)

English Dutch Dictionary Apps

1) Dutch-English Dictionary

This is an English to Dutch and Dutch to English dictionary. You can search for words and also listen to the audio pronunciation.

Dutch English Dictionary

There is a word trainer where you can add all the words you want and learn them from your personal dictionary.

This word trainer has different exercises that make you practice your writing skills, listening skills, pronunciation, and reading skills.

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2) English Dutch Dictionary

This is the Irish edition of Oxford English Dutch Dictionary.

English Dutch Dictionary

You can find out the meaning of Dutch words in English, there is also a Dutch dictionary.

It is an offline dictionary that is fast and lightweight.

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3) Dutch English Dictionary & Translator Free

You can easily learn Duch and English words with this English Dutch Dictionary and Translator app.

Dutch English Dictionary 1

You can search for English and Dutch words with definitions, examples, pronunciation, and more.

It has detailed word definitions and example sentences. You can also find related search suggestions. It also has an advanced sentence analyzer.

You can also do self-learning with flashcards. There is an option to customize font sizes for better readability.

There is Dutch, British English, and American English pronunciation with phonetics.

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4) English To Dutch Dictionary Offline

You can easily learn the Dutch language with this free dictionary and translator.

English To Dutch Dictionary Offline

There are over 200,000 English words with Dutch meanings. There is a quiz that you can try to improve the language.

It automatically saves every word that you search for so that you can access it later.

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5) Dutch – English Translator

You can translate any sentence from Dutch to English and English to Dutch.

Dutch English Translator

You can also translate from the clipboard. This app is very useful if you are traveling to the Netherlands or the United States.

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