Best 27 Email Apps for Android, iOS, and Online (2021)

There are many mail services and Gmail is undoubtedly the most popular email service out there for you. If you are looking for more options other than Gmail then try these apps.

This post has many different email apps for your Android mobile phone & tablet, iPhone & iPad.

Check it out now:

A) Android Email Apps

1) Gmail (Android)

2) Samsung Email (Android)

3) Microsoft Outlook: Organize Your Email & Calendar (Android)

4) Aqua Mail – Email app for Any Email (Android)

5) Yahoo Mail – Organized Email (Android)

6) Email – Lightning Fast & Secure Mail (Android)

7) Email App for Any Mail (Android)

8) myMail: Email App for Gmail, Hotmail & AOL E-Mails (Android)

9) mail (Android)

10) Email Blue Mail – Calendar & Tasks (Android)

B) iOS Email Apps

11) Gmail – Email by Googl‪e (iOS and iPad)

12) Zoho Mail – Email and Calendar (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and iMessage)

13) Microsoft Outloo‪k‬ (iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch)

14) Email – Edison Mai‪l‬ (iPhone and iPad)

15) Spark Mail – Email by Readdl‪e‬ (iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch)

16) Blue Mail – Email Mailbo‪x (iPhone, iPad, and iMessage)

17) ProtonMail – Encrypted Emai‪l (iPhone and iPad)

18) Yahoo Mail – Organized Emai‪l‬ (iPhone and iPad)

19) AOL: News Email Weather Vide‪o (iPhone and iPad)

20) Yandex.Mail – Email Ap‪p (iPhone and iPad)

21) E-mail Client App – myMai‪l‬

C) Online Email

22) Gmail (Online)

23) (Online)

24) Yahoo! Mail (Online)

25) GMX Mail (Online)

26) Outlook (Online)

27) Proton Mail (Online)

Email Apps for Android iOS and Online

1) Gmail (Android)

Gmail is one of the best email apps on Android. It comes pre-installed on Android devices.

It gives you 15GB free storage. It blocks spam emails efficiently.

Gmail Android

The emails are organized into primary, social, updates, and forums. So you only get to see the most important emails first on your Gmail app.

You can use multiple Gmail account on a single app. You can also use non-Gmail addresses like, Yahoo Mail, or any other IMAP/POP email right from the app.

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2) Samsung Email (Android)

Samsung email enables you to manage multiple personal and business email accounts easily.

Samsung Email

It has POP3 and IMAP support for managing personal accounts. It also has conversation and thread view to real related email.

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3) Microsoft Outlook: Organize Your Email & Calendar (Android)

You can manage your inbox, organize schedules, files & emails together with Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook Organize Your Email Calendar Android

Microsoft Outlook app has email, calendar, contacts, and files all together in one place.

You can have a connected experience with Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

You can create and join your online video calls and meetings with Teams, Zoom, BlueJeans, and Webex.

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4) Aqua Mail – Email app for Any Email (Android)

Aqua Mail is an Universal email app which is flexible, powerful, and easy.

You can use all major email providers in one place such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Apple Mail, AOL, Outlook, Exchange, and many more. It also supports email accounts hosted at Google Apps, Yahoo BizMail, Office 365, Exchange Online, and more

It has a rich text editor to customize your experience and swipe function to easily delete emails or move to the archive.

Aqua Mail

You can sync calendars and contacts with Office 365 & Exchange. It also has a dark theme to protect your eyes during the night times.

You can use push mail, home screen widgets, and personalize how the app looks and operates.

You can backup and restore using popular cloud services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and Google Drive.

There is an option to integrate with 3rd party apps such as Light Flow, Enhanced SMS & Caller ID, Cloud Print, Apex Launcher Pro, Nova Launcher / Tesla Unread, Executive Assistant, DashClock Widget, Tasker, and more.

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5) Yahoo Mail – Organized Email (Android)

You can use the Yahoo Mail app to organize your Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, AOL, AT&T, and Yahoo mailboxes.

You can use any email address and customize settings, colors, and notifications.

Yahoo Mail

You can opt-out of any spam and junk email easily with the Yahoo mail app. There are weather and news highlights right inside your mail app.

You get 1000GB storage on Yahoo mail app.

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6) Email – Lightning Fast & Secure Mail (Android)

With this mail app, you can manage unlimited accounts such as Yahoo mail, Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Comcast, Verizon, and many more.

It blocks spam efficiently, has more control with swipes. It also has a sleek and modern dark mode.


It auto blocks read receipts. You also get trip info and travel notifications.

With a built-in AI assistant, you can easily search for bills & receipts, attachments, travel, entertainment, and more.

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7) Email App for Any Mail (Android)

This is a simple and intuitive design that is easy to navigate through, which is perfect for phones and tablets.

It supports all major email services, so all of your email accounts in one place.

Email App

It has an advanced search function, you can search for unread, important, attachments, and by date.

You also get custom notifications to best fit your personal and professional life.

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8) myMail: Email App for Gmail, Hotmail & AOL E-Mails (Android)

It is ideal for any email account, you can switch between accounts easily.

You can work with both business and personal email. Use filters to find what you need.


You can manage your emails with just a swipe. Send large files using this mail app and schedule messages to send later.

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9) mail (Android)

This is the official email app from, It has an optimal overview of your accounts and folders.

You can send and receive mails and sort the emails directly in the app. mail

It has a full-screen mode, pinch to zoom, and many more features. You can send multiple attachments in a single mail.

It also has a new feature called quite mode, give it a try.

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10) Email Blue Mail – Calendar & Tasks (Android)

This email app works great on your tablet. It is designed optimally keeping tablets in mind.

There are many features such as group mail, get stuff done, unsubscribe, undo-send, custom notifications, theme color, widgets, and aliases.

Email Blue Mail

You can quickly navigate to specific accounts and filters, swiftly. It has a beautiful, clean, and intuitive design.

It has an integrated calendar so you can plan your events and set your schedule. Be productive with smart email focusing on specific people or groups.

It has a unified folder to display emails from all your accounts. You can organize the cluster of your emails, preview when you want.

It has a pleasant dark mode for the comfort of your eyes. You can personalize, customize menus and actions.

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11) Gmail – Email by Google (iOS and iPad)

With the Gmail app for iOS, you can unsend emails within 5 seconds. It’s a great option when you accidentally press the send button.

Gmail Email by Googl‪e iOS and iPad

It has got a powerful security filter, smart reply suggestions, high-quality video calling, multiple accounts, and more. You can also add the Gmail widget to your home screen for easier access.

12) Zoho Mail – Email and Calendar (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and iMessage)

Zoho Mail has a dark mode option for you. You can access multiple email accounts, convenient conversation views, and collaborate with streams.

Zoho Mail Email and Calenda‪r iPhone iPad Apple Watch and iMessage

With 3D touch, you can preview an email without opening it. You can access your inbox on Apple Watch.

13) Microsoft Outlook‬ (iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch)

With Microsoft Outlook, you can get an organized inbox, calendar, and files. You can organize schedules, make outlook your default email, and manage your emails.

Microsoft Outloo‪k‬ iPhone iPad and Apple Watch

You can use OneDrive, Dropbox, Facebook, Evernote, Trello within Outlook. It also works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, (including Hotmail and MSN), Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and iCloud.

14) Email – Edison Mail‬ (iPhone and iPad)

Some of the features of Edison Mail app are alias support, automatically detect signatures, smart notifications & reply, snooze messages, and it is secure & private.

Email Edison Mai‪l‬ iPhone and iPad

Some select assistant features such as bill & receipts, entertainment, travel, and package alerts are only available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India only.

15) Spark Mail – Email by Readdl‪e‬ (iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch)

Spark Mail has dark mode, smart inbox, schedule emails to be sent later, snooze emails, get notified about important emails only, and more.

Spark Mail Email by Readdl‪e‬ iPhone iPad and Apple Watch

You can be more productive with Dropbox, Box, iCloud Drive, and more. It has a built-in calendar as well.

16) Blue Mail – Email Mailbox (iPhone, iPad, and iMessage)

BlueMail is intelligent and intuitive with rich customizations. It works with multiple email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, iCloud, and Office 365.

Blue Mail Email Mailbo‪x iPhone iPad and iMessage

It supports Support for IMAP, POP3, and Exchange (ActiveSync, Office 365) Smart Configuration. It also has email clusters, group email, dark theme, smart conversations, and more.

17) ProtonMail – Encrypted Email (iPhone and iPad)

ProtonMail is a simple email service with advanced email encryption from Switzerland. It also has strong spam filters, self-destructing emails, encrypted contacts, 24/7 customer support, and more.

ProtonMail Encrypted Email iPhone and iPad

You can easily organize emails with swipe gestures and get push notifications for new emails. It is an Open source email service.

18) Yahoo Mail – Organized Email‬ (iPhone and iPad)

With the Yahoo Mail app, you can organize Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, AOL, AT&T, and Yahoo mailboxes. You can see all your attachments in one easy view.

Yahoo Mail Organized Emai‪l‬ iPhone and iPad

There are other features such as Travel view, Deals view, Groceries view, People view, Receipts view, and more.

19) AOL: News Email Weather Video (iPhone and iPad)

With the AOL mail app, you can send & receive emails, get trending news, important alerts, check the weather, and even change your inbox color.

AOL News Email Weather Vide‪o iPhone and iPad

You can access your AOL and phone contacts in one place. You can quickly swipe to delete, move, mark, or flag emails.

20) Yandex.Mail – Email App (iPhone and iPad)

Yandex mail app protects you from spam and viruses. You can manage your emails on the go by listening to them.

Yandex.Mail Email Ap‪p iPhone and iPad

It supports simultaneous mailboxes, including Yandex.Mail 360 for Business. You also get unlimited storage for all your messages.

21) E-mail Client App – myMai‪l‬

You can use both work and personal email with the myMail app. You can switch between accounts easily and also send large files.

E mail Client App – myMai‪l‬

You can also set up folders to sort emails, schedule messages to send later, and manage your emails with just a swipe.

22) Gmail (Online)

Gmail has more than 1.5 Billion users worldwide. It is one of the most popular email services online.

Gmail Online

It has got an excellent spam detection service and it is easy to organize your emails.

23) (Online) Online

With the service, you can create an email with many domains such as,,,,,,, and more.

24) Yahoo! Mail (Online)

You can use different email accounts on the Yahoo mail app. There is one tap unsubscribe button.

Yahoo Mail Online

You can check the news and weather, and also avail deals and more. You also get 1000GB of storage space.

25) GMX Mail (Online)

With the GMX mail, you can get 65GB worth of storage space. You can send attachments of up to 50MB in size.

GMX Mail Online

You can create up to 10 alias addresses with one mailbox.

26) Outlook (Online)

Outlook mail is from Microsoft and it is quite popular. You get email and calendar in one place.

Outlook Online

It has data encryption in your mailbox and deactivates phishing links. You can work with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel with

27) Proton Mail (Online)

Proton Mail Online

With the Proton Mail, you can get a free email id with 500MB storage and 150 messages per day limit.

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