Best Top 16 Crossfit Workout Apps (Android and iOS)

CrossFit helps you improve your health with various exercises. It increases your stamina and strength on a regular basis.

These are some of the best CrossFit workout apps for you to download for free and install.

Here we go:

1) Crossfit

2) Workout timer: Crossfit WODs & TABATA

3) CrossFit

4) Hero WOD – Crossfit WOD Generator

5) CrossFit Games

6) CrossFit Training App

7) SmartWOD Workout Generator

8) WOD 365 Timer – Crossfit Training, HIIT, and Tabata

9) Crossfit WODs – Crossfit Workouts

10) Cross-Training WODs For Beginners

11) SugarWOD (iOS)

12) CrossFit Games (iOS)

13) WOD Log – Crossfit WODs (iOS)

14) CrossFit 757 (iOS)

15) DJYM / CA CrossFit (iOS)

16) btwb (iOS)

17) Crossfit Wiki (Online)

18) What is Crossfit? (Online)

19) Crossfit Benefits (Online)

20) 8 Crossfit Benefits (Online)

Crossfit Workout Apps

1) Crossfit

Crossfit is a free app and has no ads in it. It is designed to meet your requirements.


You can get in shape within 100 days. There is no need for any gym, no equipment, and no prior experience required.

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2) Workout timer: Crossfit WODs & TABATA

This is the perfect timer for your CrossFit workout. It is particularly oriented towards CrossFit and its type of training (wods) with weights, kettlebells, and bodyweight exercises.

Workout timer Crossfit WODs TABATA

It is also good for running intervals, calisthenics, and any type of stretching exercise. This timer counts down until it is zero.

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3) CrossFit

Crossfit is for everyone and it is designed for anyone with any training experience, level, or quality of equipment. Crossfit makes well-rounded athletes.


The workouts incorporate elements from all disciplines of fitness such as HIIT, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics, strongman and it helps athletes perform better.

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4) Hero WOD – Crossfit WOD Generator

You just need to swipe the cards and find the best workout for you. You can also filter the app by the equipment you have around. You can filter by category or movements. Get ready and start your WOD. You can save workouts you want in order to perform them later.

Hero WOD Crossfit WOD Generator

The Hero timer style is battery included. You can review your workouts and repeat them as many times as you want. You can go back to the previous workouts if you skipped one by mistake.

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5) CrossFit Games

You can track your progress and see where you rank, locally or worldwide. You can view the competition and easily track your favorite athletes on the leaderboard.

CrossFit Games

You can also stay updated with workouts, scores, and submissions. You can sign up for push notifications so that you know as soon as new workouts are added. This CrossFit games app gives access to the largest international fitness competition in the world.

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6) CrossFit Training App

With this Crossfit app, you will access to WOD collection that has more than 5000+ workouts. You also get open workouts, benchmark WODs, bodyweight and gymnastics movements, travel-friendly workouts, and more.

CrossFit Training App

There is a generator for AMRAP workouts, EMOM workouts, FOR TIME workouts, TABATA workouts, CHipper style workouts, and this app has simple navigation and it is easy to use the app.

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7) SmartWOD Workout Generator

There are more than 5000+ workouts with this CrossFit app. You can select your equipment and generate a random workout.

SmartWOD Workout Generator

You need to start the workout timer and see the workout summary at the end of a session.

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8) WOD 365 Timer – Crossfit Training, HIIT, and Tabata

You can train everyday, anywhere, and anytime with this CrossFit app. There is a sleek workout timer and you can customize your training. You can keep track of your workouts and add notes to your achievements.

WOD 365 Timer Crossfit Training HIIT and Tabata

You can also stay motivated by WOD365. You can adjust the app according to your preference. WOD365 timer runs in the background and saves your battery.

The main aim of this CrossFit app is to encourage you to do as many reps as possible.

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9) Crossfit WODs – Crossfit Workouts

Crossfit workout of the day (WOD) lets you access current WOD and Hero workouts with Girl benchmark workouts.

Crossfit WODs Crossfit Workouts

You can also save workouts as your favorites and keep track of your progress with this app. You can also leave comments about each workout.

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10) Cross-Training WODs For Beginners

If you are new to CrossFit you shouldn’t try advanced cross-training WOD. This app has the 10 energizing cross training WOD for beginners. It is built for both men and women.

Cross Training WODs For Beginners

Cross-training borrows elements from gymnastics, weightlifting, powerlifting, and rowing. In fact, Crossfit was founded by a former gymnast named Greg Glassman.

With this CrossFit app, you can get a beginner gym workout guide and learn what is cross-training. There are many beginner-friendly WODs in this app.

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