16 Best Calisthenics apps for Android and iOS

Calisthenics are a form of strength training consisting of a variety of movements that exercise large muscle groups. The exercises are done with minimal equipment as bodyweight exercises.

These are some of the best calisthenics exercises apps for you from the android app store.

Here you go:

1) Calisteniapp – Calisthenics & Street Workout

2) Thenics

3) Calisthenics

4) Street Workout App

5) Calisthenics Workout Planner | Workout Log

6) Thenx

7) Calisthenics Workout

8) Caliverse – Workout & Fitness

9) Calisthenics Workout

10) MovesDb – Calisthenics

11) Calisthenics Workout Routines (iOS)

12) Calisthenics Mastery (iOS)

13) Calisthenics Workout Routines (iOS)

14) Calisthenics Parks (iOS)

15) Calisthenics Muscle Workout (iOS)

16) Calisthenics (iOS)

17) 8 Calisthenics Exercises for Beginners (Online)

18) Complete guide to Calisthenics (Online)

19) What is Calisthenics (Online)

20) Calisthenics for Beginners (Online)

Best Calisthenics Apps

1) Calisteniapp – Calisthenics & Street Workout

There are over 190 calisthenics workout routines for all kind of levels and goals. This calisthenics apps is the only app you will ever need. This app has adaptive routines that evolve according to your progress.

Calisteniapp Calisthenics Street Workout

It is designed to master your body and improve your physical abilities, from beginners to professionals. There is a 21 days challenge for you to try. You can find nutrition, tutorials, and tips to learn how to maximize your progress.

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2) Thenics

You can learn impressive calisthenics skills with this app. You can level up step by step with progressions. There is a guided workout with app supported workout execution.


There is an overview of your last workouts. There is a selection of well-defined workouts. There are over 100+ exercise videos and details. You can get informed about every exercise.

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3) Calisthenics

Calisthenics app by LDN software is designed for all exercises that you can think of the trend. There is 5 level of fitness programs in this app.


There are pull-ups, dips, push-ups, core, legs, muscle-ups, and more. There is a section on health and nutrition with herbal powders, BMI, vegan protein, herbal teas.

There are also muscle-ups, human flags, levers, handstands, Planche/Maltese. It increases your mobility and stretching of biceps, triceps, pectorals, shoulders, scapula, lats, and more. There are many herbal powders that you can refer to.

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4) Street Workout App

You can perform an offline workout in your pocket. You can enjoy it in a dark mode. There are routines for all kinds of levels.

Street Workout App

There is HIIT workouts and challenges. There is a workout timer that will guide you and there is also a customizable tabata timer.

There are automated workout plans. You can also learn new things with articles.

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5) Calisthenics Workout Planner | Workout Log

You can program your workouts, keep track of your workload, there is a one rep max calculators, integrated-timer, body weight tracking tool.

Calisthenics Workout Planner Workout Log

You can use this tool as the perfect planner for strength training. There is a weighted pull-up calculator, weighted triceps dips calculator, muscle up calculator, squat calculator, deadlift calculator, bench press calculator.

6) Thenx

Thenx is designed to teach anyone the secret techniques and knowledge of bodyweight training. These programs have been developed over many years by professional instructors.

You will find a lot of short videos that are designed to show you how to do calisthenics.

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7) Calisthenics Workout

It exercises all muscle groups such as chest, biceps, abs, triceps, back. There are more than 120 exercises that you can try such as toe touch, windshield, v-hold, sit-ups, side plank.

Calisthenics Workout

You can create your workout easily with a workout day program. There is a rest timer, countdown timer, and exercises description. This Calisthenics app is compatible with tablets.

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8) Caliverse – Workout & Fitness

Schedule your week and see progress history. You can view workout details and exercises with videos. You can see videos and use a built-in timer.

Caliverse Workout Fitness

You can easily search for a workout in groups and categories. There are many workout plans made by caliverse coaches and you can progress with them. There are also live workout sessions.

If you miss a live session try out to follow a long workout.

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9) Calisthenics Workout

This Calisthenics app has a clean user interface so you can focus on your workout. There is an in-workout timer that counts your reps and sets.

Calisthenics Workout 2

There is a counted pause to keep your workouts consistent. There is a workout editor to create custom workouts. There is an exercise database where you can find custom exercises. There are over 100 calisthenics exercises.

10) MovesDb – Calisthenics

Some of the upper body routines are pull-ups, dips, chin-ups, pike pushups, handstands, body rows, pushups.

MovesDb Calisthenics

Some of the calisthenics leg workouts are pistol squats, Raised hamstring bridges, wall sit, calf raises. There are also instructions on how to do a particular exercise like for example how I learned to handstand.

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