Best Top 22 Breathing Exercise Apps (Android and iOS)

It’s important to know a few breathing exercises in order to maintain good health. These are some of the best breathing exercise apps for you.

You can download and install the apps for free.

Here we go:

1) Prana Breath: Calm & Meditate

2) Breath Ball: The Stress Relief Breathing Exercise.

3) Breathing exercise

4) Breathing Exercise – The Breathing App

5) Breathe: relax & focus

6) 7pranayama – Yoga Daily Breath Fitness Yoga & Calm

7) Universal Breathing Timer

8) Breathly – Just Breathe

9) Breathe: Stress Relief Meditation

10) Breathing Exercise

11) The Breathing App (iOS)

12) Breathwrk: Breathing Exercises (iOS)

13) Breathe+ Simple Breath Trainer (iOS)

14) Breathe – 1 Minute Meditation (iOS)

15) Pulse – Breathing & Meditation (iOS)

16) Breath Ball Breathing Exercise (iOS)

17) iBreathe – Relax and Breathe (iOS)

18) Awesome Breathing: Pacer Timer (iOS)

19) Breathe Easy – Paced Breathing (iOS)

20) Oak – Meditation & Breathing (iOS)

21) Xhalr (Online)

22) Calm (Online)

23) Breathing Relaxation Techniques (Online)

Breathing Exercise Apps

1) Prana Breath: Calm & Meditate

You can start practicing right away once you download and install the prana breath app. You just need to close your eyes and you will be guided by sounds.

Prana Breath Calm Meditate

You can create your own custom training session and tune-up every single breathing session and meditation. With the dynamic mode, it is possible to adjust each cycle and provide you with a gradual increase in complexity.

The experience is expressed in each level and in the amount of time spent on each pattern and for each phase. You can see the progress charts that show your achievements to see where you were and where you are now.

In the training log, you can find all details about each of your breathing sessions, meditation, and health test in one place.

You will also get reminders to create your own convenient schedule of practicing. There are rich sounds to make your practice as pleasant as possible with custom sound choices and also diverse pitch and fading.

The app works in landscape mode as well on your tablet pc. With this breathing app, you can improve your brain activity and increase memory, attention, concentration.

It relieves anxiety, develops resistance to stress, and also increases physical endurance. There are 8 different breathing patterns for different purposes. You can also create your own patterns with the app and it also has rich statistics.

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2) Breath Ball: The Stress Relief Breathing Exercise.

A lot of apps instruct you to inhale and exhale at a constant speed which is not only unnatural but can also affect your breathing pattern which may cause problems.

Breath Ball The Stress Relief Breathing

Breath ball is based on clinical observations of hundreds of people. This breathing app was specifically designed for clinical environments. With this app, you’ll feel natural and it works better than many other apps.

You can define your own breathing exercise and use it how you want. You can customize colors, breathing exercises, and even the size of the user interface.

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3) Breathing exercise

This app is used to train the breath technique with foursquare breath exercises. This exercise allows you to restore optimum muscular tension.


This exercise is used by free-divers who don’t use scuba gear.

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4) Breathing Exercise – The Breathing App

This breathing app is easy and light and all you need to do is just breathe. This app is just one screen and it is easy to use breathing app.

Breathing Exercise The Breathing App

You can customize breathing exercises on the go. There are guided breathing exercises and it also has a night mode. You can experience mindfulness with this app.

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5) Breathe: relax & focus

With this breathing app, you can get breathing exercises for relaxing and to relieve stress. There is guided breathing with relaxing nature sounds. You can see your progress at a glance.

Breathe relax focus

This app is customizable as per your convenience. You can also test your breath-holding capacity with a breath-holding test. You can set notifications to get breathe reminders.

There is vibration feedback with the app with intuitive charts. The time duration is customizable and it has a dark mode option.

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6) 7pranayama – Yoga Daily Breath Fitness Yoga & Calm

Some of the pranayama (Sanskrit word for breathing exercise) exercises that you can do are AnulomVilom, Kapalbhati, Bhramari, Surya Bhedana, Chandra Bhedana, Bhastrika, and more.

7pranayama Yoga Daily Breath Fitness Yoga Calm

You can also start alternate nostril breathing with this app. You can also practice Yoga to stay motivated. You can do breathing exercises to relax your body and mind. It takes 21 days to create a new habit, so practice until you get used to it.

The app also has water drinking logs. With Pranayama (breathing exercises) you can beat anxiety and use it as a stress reliever. It reduces belly fat, blood sugar, cholesterol.

It also improves mental strength and emotional intelligence (IQ). There is a daily Yoga reminder and the app is built for everyone from beginner to advanced.

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7) Universal Breathing Timer

A universal breathing timer will help control the time during breathing exercises. It is a great tool to influence your body.

Universal Breathing Timer

Breathing exercises are useful for the brain and mind, improving health, and increase or decrease your weight. The breathing timer includes several well-known breath practices such as relaxation and Harmonisation.

You can also create your own breathing practices.

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8) Breathly – Just Breathe

With the breathly app there are no in-app purchases and no ads, just relax and breathe.

Breathly Just Breathe

With simple, guided exercises you can improve your health. There are multiple breathing techniques with this breathing app.

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9) Breathe: Stress Relief Meditation

You can understand yourself by taking time to breathe. This app offers the best breathing training to relax. With this brain training, you can improve memory, attention, and concentration.

Breathe Stress Relief Meditation

You can find out the total time spent on breathing exercises (inhale, retain, sustain, and exhale). There are many HD meditation tracks such as Tibetan music, mantra meditation, happiness meditation, deep healing music, relaxing and self-healing meditation, morning meditation, manage depression, and many more.

With this breathing app, you can increase your sleep quality.

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10) Breathing Exercise

This breathing exercise app helps you take deep breaths at a set time. Some of the advantages of breathing exercises are it improves memory, attention, and concentration.

Breathing Exercise 2

It relieves anxiety and anger. It gives you resistance to stress increases. It also increases your physical endurance. With the alarm function, you can take a deep breath at a set time.

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