Top 15 Best Applock Apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac

If you want to secure your apps on an Android phone you can lock it easily with an Applock app.

Only you can access the apps once you lock it with a password or fingerprint option.

Here it is:

1) AppLock

2) AppLock – Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker

3) AppLock – Fingerprint

4) AppLock – Lock Apps, Fingerprint

5) AppLock

6) AppLock

7) App Lock – AppLock with Security, Gallery Lock

8) AppLock

9) Applock – Fingerprint Password

10) AppLock Master

11) Password Safe Manager Lock App (iOS)

12) Folder Lock (iOS)

13) MacRumors (iOS)

14) App Locker (Windows)

15) App Locker (Mac)

Best applock apps

1) AppLock

With applock you can protect your privacy with a password, pattern, or fingerprint, so all your apps are private.


You can app lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Tiktok, Gallery, Messenger, and any other apps that you want to lock.

You can also stop anyone from uninstalling applock. All you need to do is enable advanced protection with a password.

Also, you can Hide photos, videos, and apps easily for free.

2) AppLock – Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker

With this Applock app, you can lock your privacy from others. You can lock your photo gallery, apps, or anything you like on your phone with a password.

AppLock Fingerprint Password Gallery Locker

You can lock system apps, social apps like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, etc.

It also supports screenlock and has a photo vault.

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3) AppLock – Fingerprint

You can lock apps with a password to protect your privacy. When someone tries to access your apps it will take a picture of them.

AppLock Fingerprint

It supports a fingerprint sensor to lock apps. There is a scalable pattern option to raise the 3×3 limit to an 18×18 pattern.

With an error message you can even hide the applock app easily.

4) AppLock – Lock Apps, Fingerprint

You can lock your apps and protect your privacy and sensitive data with this app. It even takes pictures of anyone who tries to access your phone.

AppLock Lock Apps Fingerprint

It protects data by killing malicious software and virus to keep your data safe.

It has a fake icon of a calculator, so only you know what it is.

5) AppLock

This app lock lets you lock apps with one-tap. You can lock your privacy with a pin or a pattern. You can hide your pictures and videos with this app.


You can even lock the play store so that there are no accidental purchases done on your phone. This is a lightweight app that is only 2MB.

6) AppLock

It has a smart app lock feature to protect and guard your private apps securely. You can hide pictures and videos and ensure files are saved in a private place.


You can hide your app lock as a calculator. You can protect messages from anybody accessing it. You can choose from over 1000+ pretty themes to customize your lock screen.

7) App Lock – AppLock with Security, Gallery Lock

You can secure your apps and guard your privacy with a secure lock by locking your apps. You can make your gallery private so that only you can access it.

App Lock – AppLock with Security Gallery Lock

With single-tap lock, you can lock any apps of your choice with this app. You can lock your messages and prevent others from reading them. You can also enjoy the invisible pattern lines and hide it from others from knowing your pattern.

8) AppLock

You can lock your apps on your Android phone or your tablet easily with this app. This app lock also provides you with an invisible pattern lock and random keyboard.


You can choose your favorite themes from the Applock theme store or customize them according to your choice with your own pictures. You can also set lock frequency to always lock, 5minutes, and until screen mode off mode.

9) Applock – Fingerprint Password

You can app lock your apps with fingerprint, pattern lock easily. You can personalize your unlock screen with multiple free themes.

Applock Fingerprint Password

You can now have private photos and private videos with this app.

10) AppLock Master

You can hide this app lock with a fake cover. You can capture the intruder’s selfie easily.

AppLock Master

Some of the other features include a random keyboard, time password, invisible pattern, pattern size, and more.

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