8 Websites to Learn How To Pronounce Names Correctly

Getting the right Pronunciation of Names is very important for many people.

You could be in the field of Business, Work or someone who wants to learn to correctly pronounce names.

You do not have to worry anymore or feel embarrassed for not getting the names right. I will help you to pronounce names correctly with this post.

These are some of the best websites where you can learn correct Name Pronunciation. I will also explain to you what you can find in each of these helpful websites.

Pronounce names correctly

Here are the quick links to learn the correct pronunciation of different names:

  1. Pronounce Names 
  2. NameShouts
  3. How to Pronounce
  4. VOAnews
  5. HearNames
  6. Inogolo
  7. Forvo
  8. BibleSpeak

1) Pronounce Names

VisitPronounce Names and Pronounce Names Youtube Channel

PronounceNames.com is a very popular website to learn the correct pronunciation of names. You can use the search box to search for the names and find many ways to pronounce it.

For example, Nguyen Pronunciation has many entries. This will help you understand that a name can have multiple pronunciations across the world and it is quite normal.

There is an audio, video, and breaking down of the name (sound) representation for most of the names. You can also learn the type of name you are searching for – if it is the first name or the last name. Additional details include the gender, origin, alternate spellings and the meaning of the name also. Follow this link to browse names on the website.

2) NameShouts


NameShouts.com has a database of names in over 21 languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, and more. All the names are pronounced by the native speakers of the language and they have more than 360,000 names which you can search for.

For example, the name Isla has Pronunciation in 3 languages, English, Hebrew, and Spanish. It also shows the gender in the form of an icon. There is a broken down (phonetics) version of the name along with the audio version. You can also slow down the audio to understand it better.

NameShout is free for up to searches of 50 names per month.

3) How to Pronounce

VisitHow to Pronounce

HowToPronounce.com has the pronunciation of various names in 36 languages. It includes Portuguese, Dutch, Latin, Romanian, Greek and many more. The website itself is available in 11 languages.

For example, Jacques Pronunciation about 2 audio pronunciation and 6 textual. There are upvotes and downvotes on each entry to indicate the opinion of people on the site.

This pronunciation website can be also used to search for words, places, and other difficult words that are hard to pronounce.

4) VOAnews


VOAnews has over 1800 entries in its pronunciation database of names. You can also browse by region or search the names in the search box.

5) HearNames

Visit: HearNames

HearNames.com has plenty of names for you to learn the pronunciation of. The above link will take you directly to the directory of names. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you can also find the search box.

Some of the alphabetically arranged names that you can get the pronunciation are African, American, Arabic, Armenian, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Indian, Irish, Japanese, Norwegian, Persian, Serbian, Thai, Turkish, and many more.

6) Inogolo


Inogolo has pronunciation in various categories. Some of it is the names of people from the field of Arts/Humanities, Entertainment/Media, Politics, Language/Nationality, commonly mispronounced/hard and other categories also.

I suggest you browse the names alphabetically if you are looking for something specific on this website.

7) Forvo


Forvo.com has over 45,000 words tagged as names and has pronunciation for it all. Check out the above link, it’ll take you the alphabetically arranges names on the site.

For every name, you can find the audio version of the pronouncing the names along with a lot of other useful information.

8) BibleSpeak


BibleSpeak.com is quite useful to learn the pronunciation of the names correctly. This can help you get the names of a lot of countries where Christianity exists as the people are usually (not all but mostly) named after the Biblical figures.

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