7 File Managers for your Android Phone

To stay organized with your phone it is best to use a file manager for Android.

I will list some of the best file managers available for you to download and install for free.

So here are some of the Android file managers for you:

  1. Files by Google
  2. File manager
  3. File manager Plus
  4. File manager by Motorola
  5. File manager
  6. HTC File Manager
  7. OnePlus File Manager
File Managers

1) Files by Google

Files by Google frees up space, finds file faster, share files offline, and backup files to the cloud.

It boosts your phone’s performance, find files faster, easily manage files, and do much more.

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2) File manager

File manager from Smart tool pro gives easy access to local files, has a storage keeper, categories view, global search bar, and more.

3) File manager Plus

File manager plus is a free and powerful file explorer for Android phones. It’s easy to use and you can manage files and folders on internal and external storage.

4) File manager by Motorola

File manager by Motorola helps you categorize files, you can move, copy, rename, delete, compress, decompress zip files and much more. It has a feature called one-key transfer, with just one click you can transfer all files from internal to external SD card.

5) File manager

File manager from Mobile clean system lab has a clean design, manage files and folders, and has an app manager.

6) HTC File Manager

With HTC File manager you can favorite, search, cut, copy, paste, delete, rename, your files and folders, create new folders, filter by file type and much more.

7) OnePlus File Manager

OnePlus File Manager helps you quickly browse through categories like downloads, recent files, large files, and password protect private files also.

I hope you will choose one of these mobile apps to manage your files. Thank you for visiting NPXP.

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