7 Alarm Clock Apps for your Android Phone

This is a post dedicated to the alarm clock apps available on the Android Playstore.

There is a default alarm clock with your phone and this is only for those who like to try a new app.

Alarm Clock Apps

You can give these a try if you are looking for something different then try the online alarm clock:

1) Clock – Google

You can set and customize alarms with ease. Make chores a little easier.

You can wake up on your own schedule and wake up to your favorite music. With Google Clock, you can know the time of any place in the world.

You can set alarms, add timers, and run a stopwatch. Set a bedtime schedule, listen to sleep sounds, and see your calendar.

Pair with Wear OS devices to bring your alarms and timers to your wrist.

2) Simple Alarm Clock Free

You can set up alarms 7 times faster. You can add messages to your alarms and repeat them every week.

Choose a new tone for each alarm. There is a 3-button stop to ensure you are wide awake. You can personalize your alarms exactly as you like them.

You can check your alarms directly on your home screen. There is AM/PM or 24 hours format.

You can also customize the snooze duration. Wake up gently while volume and vibration increase slowly.

This alarm clock supports English, Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Japanese, German, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, and Indonesian.

It also has special design for tablets and big smartphones.

3) Alarm Clock Alarmy – Loud Alarm

It has multiple alarm missions with powerful ringtones.

There 4 missions that you can choose to complete to set off the alarm clock after rings.

There is a photo mission, you need to wake up and take a photo of a place that you have registered to dismiss your alarm.

There is a math mission where you need to solve a simple or advanced math problem to dismiss the alarm.

There is a barcode mission where you need to scan your phone with a registered barcode to dismiss the alarm.

There is a shake mission where you need to shake your phone up to 999 times to wake up your body and dismiss the alarm.

This alarm clock app will ensure that you wake up without fail.

4) Alarm Clock for Me free

Wake up to your favorite music with this alarm clock. You can use it as a stylish bedside clock if you wish to.

Enjoy getting weather reports and also beautiful designer themes. You can fall asleep with a sleep timer and there is a flashlight that is in-built for your convenience.

5) Loud Alarm Clock

This loud alarm clock is very loud!

It has volume boosted audio files and you can play random sounds each morning so you don’t get used to the same tone.

You can add your own photos as the background or you can choose any of the beautiful backgrounds in the app.

You can use voices like Stewie from Family Guy or Hermione that motivates you to wake up on time.

6) TimeMango

With TimeMango say goodbye to unpleasant mornings with annoying alarm clocks.

It is an innovative alarm clock that helps you set up your morning routine.

It calculates your preparation time before going to work with gentle voice guidance.

It also works as a time management app with personal management features. It boosts your daily productivity.

7) Music Alarm Clock

You can wake up with amazing motivational and funny ringtones or your favorite music, sounds, and songs.

It has a loud music alarm clock for heavy sleepers. There is a snooze notification with a glow-space design.

It also has a vibrate mode to wake you up on time.

I hope you were able to find your favorite alarm clock on this list. Thanks for visiting NPXP.

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