6 Best Online World Time Clocks, Meeting Planners, Converters, and More

I have compiled the best websites with World Clocks for you.

You can find World Time Clocks with the ones that have Seconds, Time Zones, Meeting Planner, and Converters.

Also, you can use these Global clocks for your AcademicOfficial, and any other important purposes.

Online World Clocks

Interesting: Did you know that there are more than 24 timezones in the world?

So here is the best list of websites (quick links) where you can access the World Clock online.

  1. Time&Date World Clock
  2. 24 Timezones Map
  3. World Clock
  4. World Time Buddy
  5. World Time Server – Clock
  6. Time&Date World Clock Meeting Planner
  7. WorldTimeServer Meeting Planner
  8. TheTimeNow Meeting Planner

1) Time and Date.com

VisitTime&Date World Clock

With TimeandDate.com, you can check out the time of any place in the world with this site. It has options to see the most popular places and also the capitals of all the major countries.

The list is also adjusted for the Daylight Saving Time. It shows you which day it is for each name.

Try this if you want an adjustable world clock for your personal use:

Personal World Clock

2) 24 Time Zones.com

Visit24 Timezones Map

24 TimeZones.com shows you the World map with all the major places highlighted. When you move the mouse pointer it displays the exact time of the place.

You can search for any place on the map and you will be shown the current time with seconds.

3) World Clock.com

VisitWorld Clock

WorldClock.com displays you with the local time in major cities around the world.

When you search for a city using the search box you will see more details about the place. It includes Time zone, Coordinates, Country, Currency, Language, Population, Postal code and also the phone code.

It is quite useful if you need a site that displays more than a world clock with seconds.

4) World Time Buddy

VisitWorld Time Buddy

World Time Buddy (WTB) is a free World Clock and Time Zone Converter website. It also has a useful Online Meeting Scheduler.

WTB is a useful tool for people who often travel on flights. It might be tricky to plan meetings when visiting different countries and different time zones.

So no more hassles planning online conferences, meetings, or calling different time zones anymore.

5) World Time Server.com

VisitWorld Time Server – Clock

World Time Server.com lists the time of major places across the globe, it also highlights if it is the day, night, or the Morning/Evening time of that place.

6) World Clock Meeting Planner

This is quite useful when you have to plan a meeting with anyone across the world in any time zone. This way you can be well prepared with all your official plannings for a video call, business trips, and personal trips. Use any of these links:

7) World Clock Converter

This is for anyone trying to convert time zones, the time difference from one place to another:

8) Google Time Difference

  • You can type also this on Google, “time difference between New York and Helsinki” for example. It can be a time difference between the two cities, countries, or just about any place in the world.

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