26 Best Currency Exchange Rate Calculators To Convert Money Online

You can use these Currency Exchange Rate Calculators to convert currencies online from different countries.

Some of the currency conversion you can do are USD to Euro, CAD, GBP, AUD, and vice versa.

These are essential to business people, traders, online sellers & buyers, and people traveling from one country to another. So we have the best Currency Exchange Rate Calculators!

Currency Exchange Rate Calculators

Here are the Best Free Exchange rate converters online for you:

1) Google Currency Converter

VisitGoogle Currency Converter

Just remember this, type in “currency converter”, “exchange rate” or the likes of it into Google. That’s it!

Also: Learn more such Google Tricks here!

2) X-Rates Calculator

VisitX-Rates Exchange Rate Calculator

3) Calculator.net

VisitCalculator.net Currency Calculator

4) XE.com

VisitXE Currency Converter

5) Oanda

VisitOanda Currency Converter

6) BankRate.com

VisitBankrate Currency Converter

7) Business Insider

VisitBusiness Insider Currency Converter

8) OFX.com

VisitOFX Currency Converter

9) Travelex


10) Bank of America

VisitBank Of America Currency Converter

11) MyUS.com

VisitMyUS Exchange Rate Calculator

12) Visa

VisitVISA Currency Exchange Calculator

13) AnPost

VisitAnPost Foreign Exchange Calculator

14) FCR

VisitFree Currency Rates Online Currency Exchange Rates

15) Omni Calculator

VisitOmni Calculator Cross Exchange Rate Calculator

16) Western Union

VisitWestern Union FX Rate Calculator

17) MasterCard

VisitMasterCard Currency Converter

18) CNN

VisitCNN Foreign Exchange Rates Calculator

19) FX-Rate

VisitFX-Rate Currency Converter

20) Calculator Soup

VisitCalculator Soup Currency Converter

21) Wells Fargo

VisitWells Fargo Foreign Currency Rates

22) TD.com

VisitTD FX Calculator

23) Royal Bank

VisitRoyal Bank Foreign Exchange Currency Converter

24) Commonwealth Bank (Australia)

VisitCommonwealth Bank Australia Foreign Exchange Calculator

25) ANZ

VisitANZ Foreign exchange calculator

26) Natwest

VisitNatWest Currency Converter

We really hope that this post helps you stay updated with the latest currency conversion rates for today. Tell us which one is your favorite and why!

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