11 Free Online Stopwatches & Timers For You

So here is a big list of the best Online stopwatch and timers on the Internet for you.

Free Online Stopwatch can be useful in many ways. It can help you keep track of time and be conscious of it.

It’s easy to get lost in time when you have indulged yourself online, especially on social media. So you keep an allot time for Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using these free online timers.

Online Stopwatches and Timers

Time is Money and Money is Time. This will never get old and it is true for every one of us.

This topic is dedicated to everyone who wants to track time using an online stopwatch or timer. It can be used for any purpose, such as personal, official, academic, or just for fun.

So here they are:

  1. Google Stopwatch and Google Timer
  2. Time and Date Stopwatch
  3. Full-Screen Stopwatch
  4. Vclock Stopwatch
  5. OnlineClock Stopwatch
  6. DownloadAstro Stopwatch
  7. Toggl Stopwatch
  8. iPad Stopwatch
  9. Chronme Stopwatch
  10. eStopwatch
  11. Piliapp Stopwatch

You can learn more about these useful online tools for time keeping below.

1) Online Stopwatch by Google

VisitGoogle Stopwatch and Google Timer

This should be more than enough for the vast majority of Internet users. In order to get to that page, you have to type in “Online Stopwatch” on Google search.

It also has a timer that you can set to the desired number. You can use both the features on the full screen.

And check this out if you are in need of the Best Online Alarm Clocks.

2) Time and Date.com Stopwatch

VisitTime and Date Stopwatch

With this, you can select count down to start of the timer, interval sound, and specific time sound. This also has both a timer and a stopwatch with the split.

3) Online Stopwatch.com

VisitFull-Screen Stopwatch

This is a cool website to set Countdown and Stopwatch. It is big in appearance and color. Plus the tab displays the numbers, so you can see the time without being on the page.

4) vClock.com Stopwatch

VisitVclock Stopwatch

vClock counts the time to milliseconds after you click on start and you can choose night mode if you want a darker screen.

There are other settings such as the time format like 00:00.000, 00:00.00, 00:00.0 and 00:00 with 4 colors to choose from.

5) Online Clock.net Stopwatch

VisitOnlineClock Stopwatch

With this stopwatch website, you can even download the .csv file so you can download your split times in a comma-separated value file.

And this for the timer: OnlineClock Timer

6) DownloadAstro Stopwatch

VisitDownloadAstro Stopwatch

This is a simple to use Stopwatch with the usual options.

7) Toggl Stopwatch

VisitToggl Stopwatch

A clean and simple interface.

8) iPad Stopwatch

VisitiPad Stopwatch

It claims to be iPad friendly, give it a try and see. It has a full-screen mode.

9) ChronMe

VisitChronme Stopwatch

You can save the results in the form of CSV or SCSV.

10) eStopwatch


You can add comments to each elapsed time and save the file for your use.

11) Piliapp

VisitPiliapp Stopwatch

You can share the URL directly with someone else when you use this tool.

These are the best Online Stopwatches and Timers I was able to find for you on the Internet. Bookmark this page and share it with anyone that you think will make use of it!

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